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Castlevania - Symphony of the Night - HardType

Hack of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


This is a hack of Castlevania SOTN which rebalances the difficulty. This includes adjusting enemy strength, enemy HP, weapon stat adjustment, removing more powerful (cheap) weapons, and adjusting spell attributes. All the changes are mentioned in the included Read Me.

Patch is in PPF format, BIN/CUE format for the game image seems to work fine.

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ROM / ISO Information:

  • File: Castlevania - Symphony of the Night (USA) (Track 1).bin
  • CRC32: 05BE47B2
  • CRC64: 1AE884CA2AD9AB8F
  • SHA1: F967119E006695A59A6442237F9FC7C7811CF7BF
  • SHA256: CE01203A9DF93E001B88EF4C350889C19F11FFBA89D20F214BDD8DEC0B2D9D7C




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User Review Information

Could've been much better.

Reviewed By: SneedFeedSeed on 25 May 2021

I can’t quite compare it to the regular game as it’s been a long time since my last playthrough, but at first, HardType delivers exactly what it promises, a much more difficult and tighter experience where some rooms can unexpectedly become death traps. Around halfway through the first castle, however, the difficult subsides and becomes much more in line with the vanilla game… except for certain bosses, and for the worst. HP inflation here is really bad and it just happens that the ones with the most HP seem to be the dullest ones, dragging out their fights and magnifying how much of a bore they are. Beelzebub needed more HP, said nobody ever.

Things pick up again at the reverse castle, where I don’t think I’d have made it without my trusty Flamberge. One long trek filled with danger to the Reverse Entrance later and I had already leveled the playing field with two Rune Swords, which soon, revealed yet another shortcoming of this hack. There were way too many specific ways to catch up with the game that the author couldn’t foresee, taking out only the most obvious ones like shield spells and the Crissaegrim (which despite being in the game as of the more recent patches it’s as worthless as dirt). The biggest one for me being the Mojo Mail, which turns a maxed out Sword Familiar into a war machine, managing to somehow skip two of Death’s attacks almost instantly.

The hack could have greatly benefitted from more in-depth alterations such as refining boss AI (if only because most bosses can be easily stunlocked, including Galamoth), getting rid of certain cheap tactics like grinding out familiars at the Reverse Chapel, removing the Mist’s invulnerability and maybe even trashing my dear Rune Sword. But in the end, I’d say it still did a fine job with what it promised to do and certainly made the game a bit more fun.

Version 4.8 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Could've been much better.SneedFeedSeed25 May 20214.8Yes
A fun way to play SOTNwindy_8327 Apr 20214.8Yes
Good but needs a little more workWhoSeesYou06 Aug 20194.8Yes
Good, but with some major glitchesMasterlink21 Nov 20184.8No
As good as it getspleasejust15 May 20204.8Yes
Very GOOD!DScythe3202 Jun 20184.8Yes
Why were the shield spells removed?RetroProf07 May 20184.8No
Amazingnecrodrakath08 Nov 20174.8Yes
Rewards persistence & experimentationbigzapper15 Jun 20174.8Yes
The new standard!CatnipPhilosophy25 May 2017can'tYes
Great hackHatZen0803 Jul 20163.1Yes
Great hackMathUser292919 Jun 20163.1Yes