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Custom Robo

Nintendo 64

Game Description:

This game is fun. It’s like a cross between a free-movement fighter and an RPG. The concept is similar to MegaMan.EXE, where you’re a kid and you control this little robot thing around, except that all overworld movement is done by the kid, so there’s none of this “walk the internet” nonsense.

The sounds are alright, they work. The graphics are standard N64 polygon stuff (in-battles) and pretty above-average-SNES sprite-work for maps.

I can’t comment on the story, but I can’t imagine it being too complicated. I played this game when I didn’t know the amount of Japanese that I do now, and even if I were to play this game today, I’d still be able to tell you very little.

But it’s fun. I recommend it if you want to waste an hour screwing around with little robot people. I feel it’s better than the Gamecube one anyway.

Translation Description:

The patch fully translates the game to English. It has some issues that make emulators crash at certain points in the game, which will be resolved in a future update.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Custom Robo (J) [!].z64 (GoodN64 V3.27)
  • Custom Robo (Japan).z64 (No-Intro 2017-08-29)
  • Size: 16.777.216
  • CRC32: F2FAE693
  • MD5: A06D2E83CF2628915E8847F609474661
  • SHA-1: 49DE08F08400A477485C4798D6CD81D95842C806


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


User Review Information

Excellent translation - Some issues to be aware of

Reviewed By: Piplup87 on 11 May 2021

I would recommend this translation it is very well done. Played on an N64 with an Everdrive x7. This is a great game and can definitely be enjoyed fully by English speakers with this version.

Before playing be aware of the following things:

There were maybe 3 or 4 typos and a couple of awkward sentences here and there, very minor, these did not impact gameplay at all.

Like the other review, there was one spot where the game froze because of a shaking dialogue box. I only saw this happen once, after resetting things proceeded just fine.

There is one spot in the game where you are presented with two dialogue options that were left untranslated, this did not impact the playthrough at all.

There were two major issues that came up that I think should be addressed for this patch to be considered “complete”:

There is one battle in the middle of the game where the opponent doesn’t move or take any action. I don’t think this is intentional. It can be seen on this video: at the 16 minute mark.

The other issue mentioned already in the other review is that the end credits freeze before they are completed. This can also be seen at the very end of this video:

None of the things I mention above critically impacted the playthrough, I would love to see a fix for those two major issues, but I don’t think either of them should stop anyone from picking this up and enjoying this great game.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Excellent translation - Some issues to be aware ofPiplup8711 May 20211.0Yes
Fun game, good translation with a few bugs to be addressed.kaiisen12 Oct 20201.0Yes