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Xak: The Art of Visual Stage (MSX2)


Game Description:

Well seeing as how I couldn’t leave the first town, I’m not exactly sure what type of game this is. It’s an RPG-type adventurey thing, and if what (wraith) says is any indication, it’s an action RPG like Zelda or something. So there you go.

Translation Description:

Here is a full English translation of XAK - The Art of Visual Stage released to the public by Delta Soft.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Xak - The Art of Visual Stage (1989)(Micro Cabin)(jp)(Disk 1 of 3)(Opening Disk).dsk
  • CRC32: 32F044B3
  • MD5: BC1CD40D59F11D69CB2C55A1CC55B598
  • SHA-1: 3B491035B2B85C6619D1133F0C31E9A973EA8C1E
  • SHA-256: 8183C29D40E30665852F86F81FB8D3C293A766D4FC1E73FE968D1519252173A7
  • Xak - The Art of Visual Stage (1989)(Micro Cabin)(jp)(Disk 2 of 3)(Game Disk 1).dsk
  • CRC32: 1AB66C77
  • MD5: B5C0E183409E57565ED7D982CD81D989
  • SHA-1: FFB30C79DBDFB344E76FA4A13C59A667F0342CCD
  • SHA-256: E5CF0D9880F825D34596F011D9AB608E1841B78A77A18A603019B0D35FAB46D0
  • Xak - The Art of Visual Stage (1989)(Micro Cabin)(jp)(Disk 3 of 3)(Game Disk 2).dsk
  • CRC32: 94E02E04
  • MD5: 3FE8D98EE3258EE3EEB125A16B9FB615
  • SHA-1: 86179A4F22B6E792637E281CE17650429E2C4465
  • SHA-256: 5137C3DA24B105912538F721C03FAC45E0B4974FE20FDCB9085609DB7E03C57E


Screenshots: Patch Images


User Review Information

Mediocre translation, grindy game

Reviewed By: bobrocks95 on 04 May 2021

I had assumed this was translated by Oasis like the other Xak MSX games? Regardless it is supposedly from 2002, so no need to be insanely harsh, but it was clearly not written by a native English speaker, and unfortunately there were several parts where grammar wasn’t just broken, but I have no clue what a character was even trying to say… Take the ending cutscene since I just beat the game- A character just waking up: “What happened? The horror…” The protagonist’s response: “No thanks.” Then at the end of the cutscene the character says「はい!」, literally the only untranslated line in the whole game.

There is apparently an old paid translation for Xak that I couldn’t find anymore that looked much better, and I got the version on msxtranslations I believe since they had updated Oasis translations for the other games, so maybe it’s possible to get a better version.

The game itself is like a really grindy Ys. Tons of standing around waiting for your health to slowly tick back up, which if you thought was bad already in Ys I & II then you’re going to have a tough time here. I could have bought more healing items, but the price of armor always made it seem like you should save your money. Definitely harder than the PC Engine versions of Ys and some bosses were downright ridiculous.

Overall try it if you’re a nut for bump combat old action RPGs, but I thought it was more tedious than fun. The PCE remakes may be much improved, and the first game has a SNES port (maybe try that instead?) with a translation, but beyond that it looks like Xak is stuck on MSX for English speakers- hopefully the sequels are easier and less tedious.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Mediocre translation, grindy gamebobrocks9504 May 20211.0No