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Mother 2 Deluxe

Hack of EarthBound


The new 2.0 version of Mother 2 Deluxe is a VAST improvement over the old 1.31 version that was here in

A very small selection of major new features:

  • Massively rebalanced to make the game more fair and less arbitrarily difficult.
  • Jeff has his own Tools menu of his special items to free up his inventory.
  • Many new battle animations for PSI and Jeff’s Tools.
  • New final dungeon to tie Mother 2 and 3 together.
  • Your Places (formerly known as Your Sanctuaries) that can be skipped until later (Lilliput Steps, Milky Well, Magnet Hill, and Pink Cloud) now auto upgrade their enemies and bosses over time to stay at your power level all game.
  • Enemies completely reprogrammed to be very intelligent. Bosses and stronger enemies can detect status ailments on them and heal themselves.
  • New PSI and PSI arrangements and costs.
  • New battle sprites and enemy overworld sprites.


Hack requires EBP (Earthbound Patcher) in order to patch.

Does not play nice with Snes9x and Zsnes (why are you using Zsnes!?) Recommended emulators are BSNES and Mesen-S.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: EarthBound (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210222-050638)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: D67A8EF36EF616BC39306AA1B486E1BD3047815A
  • File/ROM CRC32: DC9BB451



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
MessianicDesignEverything other than ASM hacking, and a small amount of ASM
The KirbyHackingASM hacking all previous versions

User Review Information

The difficulty rebalance is great... but a couple bugs creep in.

Reviewed By: tacticalcraptical on 23 Apr 2021

This is a yes, with caveats type of recommendation. I love Earthbound and have played it a number of times over the years since I played it in middle school. This mod does a good job of making the game challenging and requiring you to consider your approach to enemies, which is exactly what I hoped for. I think the phase 2 of the final boss might have been a little ridiculous because of the way stats work and since there is sometimes no way to prevent them, the fight felt like it came down to luck. Bedsides that, I enjoyed the combat difficulty a lot.

The changes made to make it closer to Earthbound were fine I suppose. I had not played Earthbound in about 10 years so I could not really tell you what had changed specifically on that front. I still enjoyed the characters and the quirky world as much as I remember it so I don’t think the changes detracted from it.

Now, the downsides. Hopefully the developers sees this and can find a way to fix them. Also, I bounced between using BSNES and SNES9x for my playthrough and the bugs seemed to occur in both emulators. Nowhere in the documentation did it specify and emulator to use.

  • The Sky Runner always looked like a clump of random sprites in both emulators, which made it hard for me to find it initially. Not game-breaking though.
  • The second area of the Stonehenge Cave was completely screwed up visually. It did not make it so you could not navigate but it definitely looked wrong.
  • Some of the items with long names “Expensive Bottled Water” or “Lucky Rabbits Foot” did not behave properly in menus, often times just closing the menu when certain actions were taken with them instead of doing what it should. I could usually work around it by using the give command or changing equipment in battle but it was annoying.
  • The biggest problem I saw was at the end of the game, where you must talk to Ness’s mom to get the credits to roll… well, Ness’s mom was not where she should be so I could not truly finish the game. I had to watch the credits on Youtube.

So, there you have it, for a difficulty mod, it’s great but breaks a few other things in the process.

Version 1.31 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Fresh Take on an Old Classicstarrylunar30 Jan 20232.0Yes
Good for veterans, bad for newcomersScoutNess20 Sep 20222.0Yes
A mixed bag that’s worth checking out.Saph24 Jun 20222.0Yes
Complete joke of a romhackliquicl01 Apr 20222.0No
Good Hack for someone Looking for a challenge.TheOmegaPaladin30 Jan 20222.0Yes
It's like playing for the first time againMenderMan11 Dec 20212.0Yes
An amazing way to revisit the gameCloyd06 Dec 20212.0Yes
The Definitive Earthbound ExperienceMegaHarv22 Nov 20212.0Yes
Mother 2 in an entirely new way!SNESS21 Nov 20212.0Yes
Has potential, but struggles with balance.Teacyn19 Nov 20212.0No
A must for any and all Earthbound fans!Amber Phantom09 Nov 20212.0Yes
One of the best Mother 2 hacks I've seenYoshiWhite6209 Nov 20212.0Yes
Re-balanced Difficultybreak08 Nov 20212.0Yes
It was like playing the game new again.Runic08 Nov 20212.0Yes
The difficulty rebalance is great... but a couple bugs creep in.tacticalcraptical23 Apr 20211.31Yes
The Good and the Badmagictrufflez20 Oct 20151.31Yes