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Shining Force War of the Gods

Hack of Shining Force II


This is a complete overhaul of the game with a more cohesive story and significant changes to the story and gameplay. Many of the gameplay changes are listed below.

Please note that this mod requires a USA version of the game to be patched. Also, I recommend using LunarIPS for all your patching needs. Finally if you have any issues please email me at

  • Unpromoted level cap is 20, promoted level cap is 40
  • The REPAIR option has been replaced with TRAIN
  • AGI affects evasion
  • ATK influences the damage of spells
  • ATLAS is now thunder elemental
  • DESOUL has a 50% chance of hitting, but only reduces the enemy’s hp by half their current amount.
  • AID replaces DETOX, AID heals some damage and AID 2,3, and 4 heal all maladies.
  • You get all four characters the first time you go to creed’s mansion
  • Poison does 10% of max hp in damage
  • The spell DISPEL has been replaced with Poison
  • To access the secret battle after the credits you MUST have the Necklace of Light in your inventory
  • If you egress from the Zeon battle you will have to repeat the Galam battle.
  • Mithril, Gold Dust, and Dark Matter are crafting materials.
  • In the tactical base characters in your party give gameplay tips, while characters not in the party give lore and story hints.
  • Read the books, they’re fun.
  • Finally this mod is also available on Steam!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: not found
  • Database: No-Intro: Genesis (v. 20180824-045026)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 26D9D83443447D3163549114C0BD43B288DFF3FF
  • File/ROM CRC32: BF5CC96F




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Space KingHacking

User Review Information

Awe-inspiring SF@ mod

Reviewed By: retrogamer1987 on 19 Apr 2021

I just finished off Zeon and wanted to give my impressions of the mod. Firstly, I loved the magic system that was implemented with this mod. Magic damage is actually relevant in the end game now, the elemental weaknesses were implemented very nicely and added a fun layer of strategy and complexity to magic usage. I do have one  criticism however, which is the EARLY game. I’ve played this mod once years ago and ended up quitting early because of how broken magic is at the start of the game. The “Lets Play” by Woodhouse204 encouraged to try again, with hopes the game would improve later, which it surely did!. Level 1 spells annihilate EVERYTHING in one hit, on top of hitting multiple targets. It often makes the first 10-15 battles of the game a mad dash to frantically kill any of the opposing magic users since they can literally murder half your team or Bowie in an instant. Magic becomes a lot more balanced by the end-game, but the early game the damage is so astronomical that it trivializes battles (Kazin and Rick destroying everything) or, makes a battle extremely difficult. My suggestion to make the magic progression a little bit smoother and improve the balance of the early game is to maybe make Level 1 of Blaze,Blast,Freeze and Bolt be a very cheap, but low damage version of the spell (kind of like Vanilla, but a little stronger) so it doesn’t 1HKO everythign and anything. Have Level 2,3 and 4 maintain the same damage, but prevent enemies in the early battles (I’d say roughly up until Gerhault becomes available) from having access to it, as well as the player. I LOVE the changes to characters in this game, rather than go through each character individually, I’ll talk about classes since comparing stats of characters in the same class, the differences aren’t super significant. Higgins doesn’t suck anymore! Cleric: The decision to give them Aura was very smart, and helps to set them apart from the Mystic as a support/healing unit. Sarah was my Cleric on this playthrough and she did very well, staying with me the entire game. They are also surprisingly tanky in this version. One cleric is almost necessary in this mod to be part of the force. On a side note, Terra arrives a bit late to the party and by the time she did, Sarah was 10 levels ahead of her so I never used her. Mystic: An excellent, slightly rebalanced version of Master Monk. Sacrifices the use of Aura and MP for the ability to hit enemies with a great deal of damage. Karna was my Mystic all game and she was able to hit enemies with the similar damage to Peter/Slade. Side note, the Desoul rework is awesome and makes the special so much more useful rather than simply a lottery. Barbarian: I can’t comment on them because I didn’t end up use one in my playthrough. I made Jaha a Paladin and also used Lemon. Paladin: I love the addition of basic healing spells on this iteration. They are very good frontline tanks that can support and heal in a pinch. I do feel they lag behind a bit with only 5 movement in this version, and benefit greatly movement plus equipment, although at the expense of boosted atk and defense. Gerhault/Slade/Kiwi/Peter can run circles around them. By the end game I didn’t end up using one, but Jaha was staple part of my team for a long while. I’d suggest maybe restoring their 6 movement and giving them slightly more MP, particularly on promotion. Sorceror (Rick): Honestly my favorite character in this mod! His spell list is brilliant, bridging the gap between healing, support, debuff and damage. He was useful on every map and all throughout the game, and the idea of Centaur Mage is brilliant! One criticism though is, he is holding a staff on his battle animation and his battle sprite, it always kind of seemed odd I couldn’t equip him with one. This hurts him a lot end-game, where my other Clerics/Wizards had access to excellent staves and secondary effects. Also, it would be REALLY cool if he could use the Pegasus wing to become some type of flying centaur mage….one can only dream. Pegasus Knight: Still as awesome as he ever was, very high chances of double attacks and crits. Basically become archers by end-game with the final weapon. Celeste’s artwork looks fantastic btw Red Knight: My personal favorite class out of the entire mod. Decent spell variety, good well balanced stats, and access to spears as weapons for good attack damage. Great base movement too. It’s hard to go wrong with these guys. Brass Gunner (Rohde): He has 8 movement in this mod! The combo of high defense and high movement made it so he could fearlessly engage enemies and almost always could get into an attack range. Giving him a Glove to maximize his attack damage rather than damage is a great option too since his base survivability is pretty good. Only problem is his speed, he sure does love to be a beneficiary of the boost spell. Snipers: Largely feels like they’re vanilla counterparts but more useful this time around. Honestly people trash Elric and Janet but their range is really underrated, I ended up using both of them in certain key fights where enemies are difficult to reach. Wizard: With magic as powerful as it is in this version, this class was awesome. AoE damage is extremely potent this time around as well. Magus: My least favorite class if I’m being honest. A sort of Mystic/Mastermonk but with Raze (single target, one range attack damage) and 1 summon spell. They have more tankiness and surprisingly good attack damage, so they are a hybrid mage warrior. I made Kazin one, and ended up dumping him for Tyrin and Taya as wizards. I guess they just don’t fit my playstyle. Bird Knight (Luke) Luke is AMAZING this mod, my second favorite behind Rick. His mobility is excellent, has access to the Attack Spell which remains useful all game, his attack damage leaves a lot to be desired but Raze magic combined with his great mobility is a recipe for success. Blast polishes off his spell list for elemental coverage and AoE damage. I didn’t use Skreech as I found him(her?) boring with no spells and with Peter and Luke a bit redundant. Werewolf (Gerhault) Incredible mobility and strength, absolute murder machine this mod. Especially when under the “Attack” spell. The amount of times he could kill things from their max HP was astonishing. AN absolute monster! Phoenix (Peter) Not the murder machine he was in the OG but still excellent, flying unit with Blaze spell set. Ninja (Slade) Somewhat squishy but great attack power, mobility and speed. No longer has attack magic, but is the only character with poison/sleep/muddle spells. As a side note here, these spells while occassionally useful are still underwhelming due to their low chance of affecting the enemy. A slight boost in the chance of them working would be good (maybe 10-15% extra chance) since a lot of times using these feels like a completely wasted turn. Robot (Zynk) Didn’t end up using him, I imagine he is kind of similar to Barbarian but has better movement. I like characters with more utility and spells. It would be cool if he had some robotic ability, or able to use his laser as a “spell”

Summoner (Grim) Like the OG “sorceror”. Has all the summon spells and thus, all elements, so he can always hit a weakness and do a TON of a damage to a single target. Unable to equip staves or rings, which like Rick, I think is very odd. He seems like he should be able to equip rings to me. I also ended up dumping him by the final battles

Mythril, Gold Dust and Dark Matter.

Excellent addition to the game. All the new mithril weapons are varied and cool, the super accessories give nice customizable options which I’m a fan of. Dark matter equipment is strictly very OP but hard to come by. Only found 2 of them on my journey. A shop near the end-game has purchasable mithril and gold dust which I’m eternally grateful for.

The Train feature and new recruits often coming with Brave Apples is an absolute godsend when it comes to catching your new units to the rest of the force so you can use them adequately in battle without having to enter battle and egress to earn EXP.

The Willard and and Camilla battles were more an exercise in tedium than feeling like a true test of strategy. I do understand that you don’t want every battle to be the same and adding some gimmicks is good for variety sake, but I am certainly not looking forward to do those battles again on a replay!

Overall though, fantastic job this was the most fun I had playing shining force 2 in awhile!

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Awe-inspiring SF@ modretrogamer198719 Apr 20211.0Yes
An Interesting Hack that certainly changes the gamerekabdarb17 Oct 20201.0Yes
New style of gameplay with new additionskcirtap24016 Oct 2019FinalYes
Send a janitor to clean this mess up.Old_gamer20 Sep 2019FinalNo
Still needs polishScreenDoor14 Sep 2019FinalNo
SF fans should give this a gokass11 Sep 2019FinalYes