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Super Robot Taisen OG: Original Generations

PlayStation 2

Game Description:

Super Robot Taisen OG: Original Generations (Super Robot Wars OG: Original Generations) is the remake version of the two OG games for the GBA. The game was released on June 28, 2007 by Banpresto for the PS2 Console.

Translation Description:

This is the complete translation of Super Robot Wars: Original Generations.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • SCAJ-20185
  • A known good dump of the original Japanese version has the following hash values:
  • - MD5: 5F8EF32E8497C403C3A39FBABC4F90EC
  • - SHA-1: 3E7F5B9B12F93606406B05CF4AC597E9BA69B8F3
  • - SHA-256: 7C82E7303949C1C92331AC7AAFF0EF1C8500B7AB8A227502964FCAB7EDB179EB


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ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Ngram PriskenTranslation
FeiScript Editing/Revision

User Review Information

Glad to finally have this game in English! ...Sorta

Reviewed By: DiamondDust132 on 11 Apr 2021

Whoa. I mean the other reviews weren’t kidding. I would kinda call this a half translation/half localization. While I would say a good majority of the script is translated rather faithfully, the battle dialogue in general is just kinda out there. Tenzan in particular is just a meme-spouting machine that absolutely feels like some sweaty, greasy streamer you’d see on Twitch or maybe Fox Kids. Like, he’s the kind of guy that would send you hatemail on PSN/Xbox Live because you 360-no-scoped him. I mean I laugh every time he opens his mouth. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it IS kinda distracting if you know some Japanese and know what the line SHOULD be. Irm also has a couple of rather funny lines where you can tell the translators were just having fun with the dialogue. So, for me personally, it’s really not that big a deal. I mean, I’m just happy to FINALLY be able to play this game in English. It’s almost a crime we never got this back in the day. Yeah, I know Sony was an a-hole about the whole voice acting thing, but at least with this, it feels like a dream come true.

As for the editing/translating itself, it’s top notch. Good looking font. Basically no spelling errors. No bugs that I’ve run into. You can play this badboy front to back with no issues, something I appreciate. The people that worked on this did a bang-up job and clearly had a lot of love for the source material. Like everyone else is saying, other than the lines being ’spiced up’ I guess, this is a pretty professional effort that you could easily mistake for Banpresto/Namco Bandai/whoever makes these things. Actually, the newer SRW titles (V, X, T) also kinda have wacky scripts like this one, so maybe that’s what the translators were going for. To be clear, it really only seems to be the dialogue in battle that’s kinda wacky and not the stuff outside of it. I think another reviewer put it best where it feels like maybe two different people worked on each, but I’m obviously not sure.

So yeah, I recommend it, but it really does depend on if you’re the sort that HATES anything that isn’t just a straight-up translation, or if you just care that the game is finally in something other than moon language.

Version 1.2 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Excellent TranslationShophoenix01 Aug 20211.2Yes
Thanks for the hard work!Frocto15 Apr 20211.2Yes
Glad to finally have this game in English! ...SortaDiamondDust13211 Apr 20211.2Yes
A Localization That Brings the Best of Both WorldsAreat Maxwell14 Jan 20211.2Yes
Never thought I'd have this thanksMrDro2k29 Dec 20201.2Yes
Unbelievably superb hacksoulgain9827 Dec 20201.2Yes
Amazing workPsionicStorm26 Dec 20201.2Yes
This is the way to play SRW OGSLedah01324 Dec 20201.2Yes
Excellent and professional localizationReiska23 Dec 20201.2Yes
Less a 'translation' and more a 'localization' (EDIT: big bug included)RayOfSpeed02 Jan 20211.0No