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Power of the Hired

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Power of the Hired is a turn based SNES strategy RPG similar to Arc the Lad on Playstation. It was developed and published by NCS’s video game division Masaya, which was released exclusively in Japan in December 22, 1994.

The game features a party of four playable heroes called “Beast Mages” that the player must use to fight off overwhelming waves of enemies. The characters are each able to summon two beasts to help in battle and with the help of these beasts, the player is able to tactically conquer each of the game’s scenarios. Depending on the beasts summoned, the characters’ magic will change and their spell composition will differ. Several scenarios require that the player acts quickly to avoid various dangers, such as a burning bridge that the characters need to quickly vacate in order to survive. Whereas other scenarios require the player to protect NPCs while they are escaping from danger themselves.

Translation Description:

“Power of the Hired” is the first Strategy RPG that Dynamic-Designs has released in quite some time, but its style departs from several typical conventions that players encountered in “Feda Emblem of Justice” and the “Shining Force” series. Similar to how Arc the Lad on Playstation worked, one departure from typical SRPG game play is the lack of town functionalities, wherein characters may walk around, visit shops, speak to NPCs, and so forth. This game is divided into 18 scenarios, all of which must be cleared in order to keep advancing forward. Party composition selections occur in between scenarios, then game play resumes. Another sometimes disconcerting development is to have waves of fresh enemy replacements keep pouring onto the battlefield until the player satisfies a previously stated objective!

Another unique feature of this game is “Beast Magic”. Up to two “monsters” acting as “familiar beasts” per playable character (not just Neina) may be added to the party roster prior to starting each scenario. These beasts can also increase their levels during battle and provide their respective Beast Master various magic spells that can be used in battle as long as they are in a square directly horizontally or vertically adjacent to them.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Size before patching: 1.50 MB (1,572,864 bytes)
  • Size after patching: 1.50 MB (1,572,864 bytes)
  • File: Power of the Hired(J).sfc
  • Name: Power of the Hired
  • Company: NCS
  • Header: None
  • Bank: LoROM
  • Interleaved: None
  • SRAM: 64 Kb
  • Type: Normal + Batt
  • ROM: 12 Mb
  • Country: Japan
  • Video: NTSC
  • ROM Speed: 120ns (FastROM)
  • Revision: 1.0
  • Checksum: Good 0xBCEA
  • Game Code: ALUJ
  • CRC32: CF276C80
  • MD5: 4296780E368C36B59DE3C17AE9148F87


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
TaskforceScript Editing/Revision

User Review Information

Needs some polish, but works well.

Reviewed By: Old_gamer on 08 Apr 2021

Always good to have new translations around as we have Power of the Hired (odd title)

The game is definitely geared towards fans of Warsong /Langrisser and Fire Emblem with nice turn based combat with beasts under your control. Since the game is with a lack of tutorial (likely original programming) it took a little time to figure out, but it’s not hard. Game play works great, translation is good too. I see one issue and it’s a nit pick if anything that sometimes dialog boxes while readable are a little glitchy at times and when saving a game at the end of a scenario, it’s really glitched. This thankfully does not kill the game, but it’s kinda ugly.

Still good game and it works well enough for me. Don’t stop translating!

Version 0.75 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Uhhh...xzae19 Apr 20210.75Yes
Needs some polish, but works well.Old_gamer08 Apr 20210.75Yes