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Mizzurna Falls


Game Description:

Mizzurna Falls is an adventure game for the PlayStation.

Translation Description:

This project, developed by nikita600 and Cirosan, uses Resident Evie’s translation as a base. Nikita, a professional mobile game developer, and Cirosan, a professional translator and localization editor, collaborated over the course of several months to finally develop a working translation patch for Mizzurna Falls. Nikita developed a tool specifically for use with Mizzurna Falls that used a new compression algorithm to fit more text onto the disk than was ever possible before. Despite that, the game’s script was still too large to fit, which is where Cirosan came in. Fundamentally rewriting and editing a majority of Evie’s script (with her blessing), Cirosan produced a script for Mizzurna Falls that was able to fit onto the disk without sacrificing coherence, quality, or significant plot points. The result of Cirosan’s rewrites is a full localization of Mizzurna Falls that helps dialogue sound more natural and conversational, in addition to altering certain characters and elements to be more effective with Western audiences. Most of the work on the patch was done under quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic; Nikita and Cirosan communicated via Discord to develop the patch.

This patch represents a supreme effort by Evie, Nikita, and Cirosan, across three countries and over a period of many months and years, to bring this revolutionary game to Western audiences. Welcome to Mizzurna Falls - we’ve been waiting for you.

(Full credits may be found in the Readme.)

ROM / ISO Information:

  • File MD5 36A96B8E813C1F902446F7FED7D88DD3
  • File SHA-1 C49B2A1203831165E63E1129CFE413D4D23D7656
  • File CRC32 A87F3497


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Resident EvieOriginal TranslationOriginal Script
CirosanScript Editing/RevisionProject Co-Lead, Final Script, Localization Editor, Text Insertion, Menu Translation, Documentation
nikita600HackingProject Co-Lead, Developer of Mizzurna Falls Editor tool, Hacking, Graphic Editing, Video Insertion
Cap'n NeonProductionVideo Editor

User Review Information

Unnecessary rewrites and an ugly font

Reviewed By: Cerzel on 05 Apr 2021

Full of questionable rewrites that have no reason to be there and not only change characterisation but also often miss the point of the dialogue or make things more awkward to read. One example: Changing a line of dialogue where Matthew trails off in the Japanese when thinking of how to answer a question so that he instead states that he doesn’t know how to answer it, which completely fails to register that the next line of dialogue from Nozz was interrupting him before he could finish. So the rewrite that tried to make things more natural screwed up the flow of the conversation without realising. The font also has kerning issues here that make it unpleasant to read.

I would much sooner recommend Owl’s English translation patch which can be found on the forums, which has a more accurate translation and a much better font. The caveat is that this patch works on real hardware and on most emulators, but Owl’s does not work on real hardware and only works properly on a few emulators.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
A Great Translation but it is a missed opportunityFuxorLuck16 Apr 20211.0No
Unnecessary rewrites and an ugly fontCerzel05 Apr 20211.0No
This game is more interesting in english!danuffo02 Apr 20211.0Yes
Much better! You improved the translation.Rockmanfan2000opinion02 Apr 20211.0Yes