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The Legend of Zelda Text Editor

Game Specific


The Legend of Zelda Text Editor Programmed by: Shawn M. Crawford Last Update: August 20th, 2016 in C# Latest Build:

Features: * edit every line of text in the game (title, H.U.D., registration screen, ending and credits, story, etc, etc) * this version tested with US rom (Legend of Zelda, The (USA).nes), might work with other versions but untested because it relies on offsets in the ROM

Requires: * .Net Framework 4.5 * Windows 7+

Usage: *Open the Rom (Legend of Zelda, The (USA).nes), change text, click update, make sure you have a backup in case something breaks.

*Feel free to email bugs to August 20th, 2016

  • initial release


User Review Information


Reviewed By: Zero Meaning on 05 Apr 2021

Full stops/periods are always showing up as ‘Z’ and seem to force an offset line break. This breaks (ha) the entire utility. Either I’m a total moron, or it’s completely unusable in this state (just so no one else wastes their time).

I’ve sent an email to the creator in the hope that one day it might be fixed.

Version Recommended - No

User Reviews
BrokenZero Meaning05 Apr 20211.0.0.2729No