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Super Mario Unlimited - Deluxe

Hack of Super Mario Bros.


Super Mario Unlimited Deluxe is a traditional-style Mario hack with difficulty ramping up from beginner to expert. It is based on the Super Mario Bros engine, but has been completely reworked into a whole new adventure.

Changes from the original game include:

    • 41 Original Levels!
    • Unlimited Lives!
    • New Power-up! The stopwatch lets Mario freeze his enemies
    • New Mechanics! Mario can super jump off enemies by holding A
    • New Collectable! Find all 32 Mario coins to unlock secrets
    • New Graphics and Music! A familiar mix of new and old

New features and changes in this DELUXE version:

    • Save your progress with three save game slots
    • All new Bowser fight with new music
    • A “secret message” at the end of each world
    • Attempt counter aka lives counter
    • Mario coin count is displayed on screen
    • Indicator displayed for when a Mario coin has been picked up
    • Hidden power up blocks are now partially visible
    • Fire flowers always give you fire power, even if Mario is small
    • You can jump off enemies and kick shells while invincible
    • Kicked shells kill piranha plants
    • Different end game text depending on how you play the game
    • Bowser’s castle expanded with a second route
    • World 6-5 expanded
    • Hidden bonus level added
    • “Speed runner mode” - Can you beat your personal record?
    • Second Quest / “Hard Mode” enabled after you beat the game
    • Added stopwatch sound effect
    • Music doesn’t reset when you go in pipes
    • Extensive color overhaul and cleaned up graphics
    • Removed the points system entirely
    • Changed title screen
    • Added intro screens
    • Some levels have small changes to fix issues
    • Fixed issue where music wouldn’t start right after unpausing
    • Made shells go faster off ledges so Mario doesn’t run into them
    • Fixed whirlpools so they don’t suck you down when you get hit
    • Other minor tweaks, bug fixes and edits

Also included are a Strategy Guide with detailed information on all cheats and secrets, as well as cover art for use with a NES Classic.


Inspired by the likes of DahrkDaiz, ATA and other great rom hackers of the mid-2000s, Frantik started work on Super Mario Unlimited with the hopes of creating his own asm-heavy Mario masterpiece. It took close to 7 years, but eventually the game was released to the world in late 2011. Overall, The hack was well received and was even featured in a video by James Rolfe of AVGN fame. Despite the popularity, it was a little rough around the edges, most notably with some questionable choices near the end and a little too much of that infamous “Nintendo Hard”.

In 2017 Frantik decided to go back and start adding a bit more polish, and Super Mario Unlimited: Deluxe was born. Everything good about the original has been made better, and everything bad has been removed or at least cleaned up. This is the original vision he had when he first began 15 years ago!

Revision details

Version 2.4 - 26 March 2021

    • Fixed issue which would cause title screen to sometimes display incorrectly after beating the game

Version 2.3 - 15 March 2021

    • Moved coin in cloud
    • Minor tweaks to some in game text
    • Fixed bug with hard mode/second quest
    • Made it easier to access second quest for speedrunner mode
    • Modified Podoboo behavior after Bowser has been defeated

Version 2.2 - 18 January 2021

    • Made “Speedrunner Mode” easier to use
    • Cleaned up display when skipping intro screens
    • Cleaned up Strategy Guide document

Version 2.01 - 22 November 2020

    • Swapped in SMB3 squished goomba sprite

Version 2.0 - 21 November 2020

    • Initial public release

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Super Mario Bros. (World)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20180803-121122)
  • File SHA-1: EA343F4E445A9050D4B4FBAC2C77D0693B1D0922
  • File CRC32: 3337EC46
  • ROM SHA-1: FACEE9C577A5262DBE33AC4930BB0B58C8C037F7
  • ROM CRC32: D445F698




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
frantikHackingAsm, Levels, Graphics, new music in Deluxe version
Dr. FloppyMusicMusic composition and music engine hacking on original Super Mario Unlimited

User Review Information

I registered here just to make a review, it was that good

Reviewed By: thesoftbulletin on 18 Mar 2021

I’ve played my fair share of SMB1 rom hacks, most of which are frankly abysmal. I know folks rave about the excellent rom hacks for SMB3, but I honestly feel like this hack rivals some of the best SMB3 hacks out there (and considering the source material being worked with, making as high of quality hack as this for SMB1 as compared to SMB3 is like comparing someone being forced to start a fire with sticks vs. someone having matches, so I’m blown away by how great this game looks and sounds).

Much of the complaints I’m seeing here remark on the difficulty curve, and I can’t say those are totally wrong (one review specifically notes the bump in difficulty beginning in World 6, likely because they found the 4, 5, 6 warp zone and went straight there). After having warped to World 6 myself, I can agree the difficulty is far more challenging than World 3.

That being said, THIS GAME FEELS FAIR AND PLAYS FAIRLY. I feel like that’s the most important distinction to make. Some games are frustrating in that you feel ripped off. This game is challenging, but the controls are tight and hitboxes are where you think they should be, so it doesn’t hurt to lose. Plus, with infinite lives and a death counter, it’s a fact that you’ll die, a lot. But in my experience, you try a few things and you find something that works, and you move on, getting a legitimate satisfaction that comes from well executed game design.

Really a triumph by frantik with his hack. Threw it on my Everdrive and have been playing it for hours. A+

Version 2.3 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
You thought The Lost Levels were hard?BlueYoshi19 Mar 20212.3No
I registered here just to make a review, it was that goodthesoftbulletin18 Mar 20212.3Yes
Amazinggrizz613 Mar 20212.2Yes
A Very Super Mario HackThroughT1m325 Dec 20202.01Yes
I really like the graphics, gameplay, and levels. (With some caveats)isoacc05 Dec 20202.01Yes
Ridiculous difficulty curveXenon_Xyanide01 Dec 20202.01No
LOOOOVE this game!scarlet01 Dec 20202.01Yes
It's playablegravitygoesup129 Nov 20202.01No
A very promising hack but difficulty curve issuesLigeia26 Nov 20202.01No