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Kirby’s Adventure 2

Hack of Super Mario Bros.


== Story ==

One evening, Kirby had a strange dream. He had a dream of a long, long stairway leading up to a door. As soon as the door opened, he was confronted with a world he had never seen before, spreading out as far as his eyes could see. When he strained his ears to listen, he heard a faint voice saying “Welcome to the land of dreams. We have been cursed by Nightmare, he stole the Dream Rod and cast a completely evil spell. We have been awaiting your arrival. Please defeat Nightmare and return the land of dreams to its natural state. Nightmare has placed Meta Knight under his control (kono ko kono ko sa kudo kai kona misu saku ni kona misu ka ku.), to guard the Dream Rod, be wary Kirby!” Kirby must now gain the Dream Rod and break the curse!

When Kirby entered the world, he lost his ability to copy. However, the Dream Rod, with its last bit of power give Kirby the ability to use Dream Halos.

Dream Halo

A halo of pure dream energy that acts as a shield. Can be powered up with a Dream Shard.

Dream Shard

A shard of dream energy, allows the casting of Dream Fire.

Dream Fire

Fire that can destroy Nightmare’s creations.


This started as a serious hack, however I slowly began to lose interest. So, I decided to release it with only 3 worlds, instead of 8. It is a complete overhaul of all the GFX, and TSA, and the first 12 levels. I hope you enjoy it.

You are free to use this as a base for your own hack, as long as you credit me.


Some random GFX stuff, nothing that causes any big bugs. In world 2, dying will mess up the 2 - X, however it has no effect other than that.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Mario Bros. (JU) (PRG0) [!].nes
  • CRC32: 3337EC46
  • MD5: 811B027E AF99C2DE F7B933C5 208636DE
  • SHA1: EA343F4E 445A9050 D4B4FBAC 2C77D069 3B1D0922




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Short but sweet.

Reviewed By: The Beaky Buccaneer on 05 Mar 2021

Though it’s obvious that Kirby’s Adventure 2 is a hack of Super Mario Bros. due to both the gameplay and the music, it is nonetheless a charming and well-made one.

The level-design is fun and imaginative, and the stages flow nicely and feel fair. There is an unfortunate bug in level 1-3 where the game will crash if any moving platforms remain on-screen when you hit the flagpole, and it’s easy to trigger it because there’s a point close to the end where you can ride a moving platform all the way to the goal, but if you’re aware of this then you can avoid it and continue with the game. There’s also an issue where World 2’s stage number doesn’t appear, though contrary to the description here, losing a life didn’t cause this when I played the game - it was there throughout my entire time in that world.

The graphical changes match the level-designs in quality - they’re fun, and the colour choices are fittingly dream/nightmare-inspired. However, I found that it wasn’t immediately obvious that the terrain which has replaced the iconic pipes of Super Mario Bros. could be entered. The idea of the Dream Haloes, Dream Shards, and Dream Fire is a cute one, and the Dream Halo is a neat way to grant Kirby the abilities of Super Mario without changing his size. Additionally, the frames used for Kirby’s movement have been well-chosen - he doesn’t look awkward in spite of the animation in Super Mario Bros. being more limited than that of Kirby’s Adventure.

It isn’t just the landscapes that have been changed, though - the enemies have, too, and the choices for which Kirby-series enemies replace which Mario-series ones are all great. I particularly like how Wheelies have replaced Koopa Troopas, and when hit they’re knocked over so that you can kick the tyre instead of kicking a shell. The choice of using the ghost-like Cool Spook enemy to replace Blooper in underwater levels, instead of using the squid-like Squishy enemy, might seem odd at first glance, but it’s actually very clever - Cool Spook is based on a Teru Teru Bozu, which is a type of good-weather charm that is made and hung up on Japan’s rainy days, in the hope of encouraging sunny weather the following day (this is why Cool Spook grants the Light ability in Kirby’s Adventure), and when these charms are deemed to be successful they’re doused in saké and sent down the river (if they’re unsuccessful, their heads are chopped off instead - yikes!). I really liked the idea of Cool Spook therefore ending up in an underwater area, because it’s so well aligned with the use of folklore in official entries in the Kirby series.

Though the music wasn’t altered, the original game’s music was used to good effect to create a particular mood in each level - for example, the underground/castle theme being used in a dimly-lit night-time cloud level suggested the idea of a nightmare sweeping over the Dream World where this hack takes place.

I also found the accompanying Super Mario Bros. 2-inspired story-text to be charming, and saw it as something that harks back to the time when Nintendo used their boxes, manuals, and marketing materials to create a fleshed-out experience that added to what was offered by the games themselves; Efforts to preserve that aspect of gaming culture are always appreciated!

It really is a pity that the author lost interest and only created three worlds of this fun little hack, but I’m also glad that they decided to finish it in the way that they did and actually release it - though it’s brief, I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. It’s definitely a nice little Super Mario Bros. hack to have in your library.

I tested this game in the versions of RetroPie for both the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and the Raspberry Pi Zero W, and it worked as it should with both.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Short but sweet.The Beaky Buccaneer05 Mar 20211.0Yes
Humble, but WorthyMother Kojiro21 Dec 20171.0Yes
Cool IdeaTeeporage77714 Dec 20171.0Yes
Has a lot of potentialdrunkenjesus08 Oct 2014N/AYes
Entirely Decentsnarfblam17 Sep 2013N/AYes