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Dark Cloud NTSC - Flapping Duster Fix

Hack of Dark Cloud


This patch will only work on Dark Cloud SCUS-97111, SHA-256 (Redump’s): 9B440CDB921EB393A6BAA9B6AF1CD3D523A20EB5F95CEA8ED14E9D19404BB875

This will restore the ability to obtain Flapping Dusters from chests in the Gallery of Time.

NOTE: On dungeon maps that have the now-randomized Flapping Duster in the treasure chest loot pool, it takes the spot of the Map (which is usually guaranteed to be in one of the chests in each dungeon floor). Be aware of this.

cynTech used Schicksal88’s PAL patch as a base and modified the offsets for the NTSC version of the game.

To apply the patch, use Lunar IPS or another IPS patching tool.

  • For PCSX2 Users

Like Schicksal88, cynTech has included a fix for the widescreen hack as well, since the checksum of the game changes after the patch. You can move the contents of cheats_ws to your pcsx2 installation’s cheats_ws folder or rename your existing “A5C05C78.pnach” to “987EEA0C.pnach”.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • SCUS-97111
  • SHA-256 (Redump's): 9B440CDB921EB393A6BAA9B6AF1CD3D523A20EB5F95CEA8ED14E9D19404BB875




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Schicksal88Original HackingUsed his PAL patch as base

User Review Information

Amazing! Fixes a poor Jap to Eng port main problem

Reviewed By: Apocalypse612 on 02 Mar 2021

This patch is amazing. Everyone who plays Dark Cloud (NTSC / PAL) should be using this. The original Japanese version didn’t have this problem where the item doesn’t drop, the ports did, and thankfully now I don’t have to cheat to hack this item back into the game.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Amazing! Fixes a poor Jap to Eng port main problemApocalypse61202 Mar 20211.0Yes