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Darkwing Duck Advance

Hack of Darkwing Duck


This is a Darkwing Duck hack which adds a new additional extra level with new boss - Negaduck, it can be playing after finishing all regular levels.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Darkwing Duck (U) [!].nes - GOODNES 3.14
  • CRC32: 307D0FC4
  • MD5: 459837F4E8FCBAF29BD66ED926B6882E
  • SHA-1: 7188D8CE3D8D2A0DCD7B10FBC23A6F84FA9C4161
  • SHA-256: B7FFF97F34D7142765685C6505AD54285CFD7E847E6943BC53E432C4F25FA49C




User Review Information

Worthy final test as long as you have decent skills

Reviewed By: Artemis on 27 Mar 2021

Short version:

This newly added final stage is a great level and you should definitely play it, but… But it’s actually decently difficult and really puts up a hard, but FAIR challenge.

It’s perfectly doable as long as you are a decent player who actually has understood and mastered all the gameplay mechanics.

Long version: *final level spoilers*

First of all, there are absolutely no new elements in this final level. Every mechanic is well known and all new enemies, despite looking new, actually just are old enemies with a new graphic sprite and more hit points (double HP in most cases) - including the Negaduck boss.

As long as you walk slowly and carefully enough, you should be perfectly able to deal with a lot of the level’s challenges whereas the rest needs some quick reflexes, though. And as long as you also memorize the level properly, you should be able to make steadily progress.

Also, this level tests your skills in using your special gas weapon. Unless you bring in some other gas from previous levels, thunder gas is your only choice. A few places are especially designed for the diagonal thunder gas shot, so it’s your task to decide when to use it and when to spare ammo instead.

Thunder or alternatively arrow gas especially is super helpful against the most annoying enemy type - that is, the homing Thunderquack flyers. Thunder gas hits them from below whereas arrow gas can one-shot them. They have 2 HP - nothing too outstanding. (These annoying squirrels with brushes under their feet which constantly chased you in Megavolt’s stage also had 2 HP, so it’s nothing which didn’t exist in some similar form earlier.)

With proper gas usage it’s really not that hard to do the level without taking any damage at all. It’s also possible without gas, but then there are quite a few situations which require a lot of precision. However, it’s definitely not that difficult that it’s unbeatable unless you use save states. It’s easier if you bring in lots of lives and your preferred gas from the levels before, but it really is perfectly beatable even after getting game over - if you just practice enough, learn and memorize the level and therefore get better at it.

Yes, there is no checkpoint in the level and I see why that may be a questionable design decision. But honestly, the level is not THAT long. It’s twice as long than the distance you previously had to do without checkpoint, but that’s it. (If you actually go for the hidden bonus rooms, the second one is exactly where you expect it to be. That is, where restarting the whole stage hurts you the most. Have fun! :) Or better just skip it.)

Now, about the boss: Negaduck!

Actually, it’s just a wolf in a duck’s clothing. It’s Wolfduck with the surrounding arena being the only difference. Therefore, you should quickly realize when he’s invincible and when he’s vulnerable. Due to the different arena his movement can be a little bit harder to predict as he can jump to two different spots (instead of only one), but other than that it’s the same as Wolfduck. You need quite some precision in order to come out damageless in every situation, but hey, it’s the final boss. Besides, most of the time he’s just running around the screen doing nothing, open for quite a few hits from your side. So even if you cannot figure out how to avoid anything, you nevertheless have a decent chance at still winning despite getting hit sometimes, too.

Is the level flawless? No.

There’s one spot I definitely don’t like. That is, the very first homing Thunderquack flyer. I definitely would have placed it at a position not that high so that you can hit it easier. Especially considering that’s your introduction to that type of enemy in that stage. (The enemy may be known from the Steelbeak battle, but nevertheless this is the very spot where you learn that you have to deal with that stuff in this stage as well.) Also, after a game over you might not have already refilled your gas ammo this early in the stage.

Edit: However, what I didn’t get when writing the review was that the supposed solution without using gas probably is to retreat and then attack the enemy from the high ground when it respawns. So, there really went a lot of thought into the level design.


There are quite a few rough situations both in the stage and in the boss battle, but it definitely is nothing ridiculously unfair. It’s definitely an improvement over the original, especially if you’re a Darkwing Duck fan as four of the earlier bosses mostly work under Negaduck instead of Steelbeak. The stage puts your skills and knowledge of the game to a great final test. Just don’t expect to clear it without having to put up quite some effort from your side…!

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
It used to be good...JustSearchingForGoodHacks18 Jul 20211.0No
Worthy final test as long as you have decent skillsArtemis27 Mar 20211.0Yes
Good addition, but hardcorediablo66617 Oct 20201.0No
A Great Concept With Overly Malicious ExecutionCasualChris06 Sep 20201.0No
unfair dissapointing (designer is 13y.o.)knkn02 Sep 20201.0No