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TMNT - The Streets of Rage Project

Hack of Streets of Rage 2


TMNT - The Streets of Rage Project Gameplay Teaser Trailer

I. Overview:

  • A feature of this hack is that the Turtles received their signature attacks.
  • You can finally use the drill attack as Raphael !!
  • Let’s kick shell all the villains and save April.
  • Have fun!

II. Features:

  • Characters replaced with turtles.
  • All turtles have a huge range of unique attacks
  • All playable characters can run and change direction and turn around while running.
  • All playable characters can jump further while running.
  • The command to run (f, f) becomes more sensitive.
  • Offensive Special no longer costs player’s own health.
  • If the player presses A while running, the player’s character will perform Offensive Special (in the original game, nothing will happen).
  • Charge attacks require holding B for only 2/3 second.
  • You can use the Defensive Special and Offensive Special when you capture the enemy.
  • You can use the Defensive Special and Offensive Special when grabbing an enemy from behind.
  • KO count of the players is displayed.
  • Mania difficulty is directly accessible.
  • Stage selection is available.
  • You can choose the same characters.
  • Added 6-Button gamepad Support. Back attack now is Y-button

III. Updated:

Version 0.3.21:

  • Double Z mods added by eskayelle to provide the following:
  • Region locking and checksum validations removed.
  • Title screen and related coding revised.
  • Title screen and story mode text re-coded to display regardless of region.
  • Ending credits sequence and related coding revised.
  • Story mode text revised to fit the TMNT theme.

Version 0.3.24:

  • Correction to Mike’s first offensive special sprite, due to corruption in v0.3.21.
  • Fixed Leo Offensive Special bug.
  • Replace Leo & Raph throw sound.
  • Updated sprite for slice of pizza.

Used sprites:

Special thanks to:

  • Dha Lau Hoo
  • uuuser
  • eskayelle
  • Daria_P

ROM / ISO Information:

  • rominfo : No-Intro Name: Streets of Rage 2 (USA)
  • (No-Intro version 20130710-102701)
  • ROM/File SHA-1: 8B656EEC9692D88BBBB84787142AA732B44CE0BE




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
savokDesignHead of the project
uuuserHackingweapon drop patch & other help
eskayelleOriginal HackingPortraits, title screen, end credits and icons graphics & related coding

User Review Information

Bossa Nova!

Reviewed By: Eldrethor on 16 Feb 2021

I have to admit that I was cynical when I first saw this hack hit the front page. With six other TMNT hacks that already existed for this game, and burnout from the glut of other character hacks out there, I wasn’t immediately jumping at this one. I’m glad I did though, because this hack delivers.

savok is a beast when it comes to Streets of Rage 2 modding, having created full character hacks that go above and beyond just sprite replacements, and his handiwork here is no exception. Axel, Blaze, and the gang have been completely replaced by the TMNT, and it’s not just their sprites that have been overwritten. The turtles have their own attacks and animations, and each character features their signature moves from past games, which sweetens the deal that much more.

The combat also feels fast-paced, thanks to the addition of dashing, tightened controls, and wild special attacks that send the turtles leaping through the air or pummeling their foes with their weapons. Attack animations are quick but every thud and thwack has gravitas behind them. I haven’t figured out how to air-juggle or perform some of the flashier attacks that were in the trailer video, but slugging hordes of street thugs feels incredibly satisfying. Granted, the hack compensates for their wildly powerful attacks by setting Hardest as the default difficulty, which is very fair, since they can steamroll everything on Normal.

The slew of quality of life changes provided by his fellow hackers eskayelle, Dha Lau Hoo, uuuser, and Daria_P are also nice to have, though the icing on top is the modified cutscenes and ending, new title screen, new character portraits, and all foods replaced with pizza, all of which drives home the idea that I’m playing a TMNT game and not Streets of Rage. Weapons can’t be picked up but can be used by enemies, which makes more sense than in older hacks where weapons gives your character an odd power swing that, I felt, never mapped well to the turtles’ attack animations.

If I had to nitpick, I would say that the turtles’ sprites are a little too bright for the game. Their cartoony neon-green skins pop out a bit too much against those dark, grungy palettes that define Streets of Rage. If those greens can be toned down, that would add to the overall grungy tone of the game, and would serve as a neat callback to the first TMNT movie.

I also wonder if anything could be done to diversify their stats a little. On the character select screen, all four turtles have three-star stats across the board, but this doesn’t detract from the uniqueness or fun of each character. It’s a very minor nitpick that can be left alone, but it’s food for thought.

Overall, this is a fantastic hack. What you’re getting are the Ninja Turtles in their best form yet, while leaving the core gameplay in its purest form. Despite my nitpicks, it’s a fun ride from beginning to end, and it’s an outstanding hack that goes above and beyond many of the other character hacks for Streets of Rage 2. If you’ve been itching for a “new” TMNT game, then this is it. Many thanks to everyone involved in its development!

Version 0.3.24. Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Cowabungagavendo27 Mar 20210.3.24.Yes
Bossa Nova!Eldrethor16 Feb 20210.3.24.Yes
Top 3 SOR2 romhacksArael Israel11 Feb 20210.3.24.Yes