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Layla: The Iris Missions

Hack of Layla


Chinelkov Manitokha once again threatens the galaxy with his army of mutant Chimairan. This time, it’s up to Iris to stop him! (Okay, Layla can come along too, if she must).

Layla: The Iris Missions is a complete overhaul of the Famicom game Layla. It features all-new levels, altered graphics, an original and much-expanded soundtrack, and many tweaks to game mechanics, with the goal of creating a more modern game experience without compromising the core grabbing-cake-and-ice-cream-on-roller-skates gameplay.

Includes action, puzzles, robot mascots, and absolutely no bonus stages!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country: Japan
  • MD5 7a1232559a7349579816814e63d52d0a
  • SHA-1 668b885abf865b74f84c221fa2cc4c9ae58d1b98
  • SHA-256 959ba4cfb8fad791e2d8f65bfa0c9cf0edc39c4aa82bd50e46ee42a689a43e5a
  • Layla (J) [!] (GoodNES 3.14)
  • This patch should be applied to a headered ROM.



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User Review Information

A great improvement of original version

Reviewed By: speluacator on 25 Jan 2021

First time I played the original game is 20 years ago.

This game was published in the year of Famicom origin, a lot of famous game series starts in 1986, on Famicom/NES, this game comes from a famous novel/TV anime Dirty Pair, maybe. There is only one thing in this game worth to proud: the title screen. Two girls in a narrow horizontal sight, and the title “Layla (Also with Katakana)” in art font. Except this, there is nothing to proud. The whole game is full of obstacles, traps, enemies, and godd*mn tornados (if you stay at the same screen more than 30 sec.)… Anything which can move or cannot move will kill you, and you holding lots of useless weapons. Obviously, this game is unfriendly to everyone who first play it. So I must thank to the author of this hack version one thing, you’ve greatly refined the mainbody of this game, removed so many irritating set, improved the gaming experiences.

The second thing I have to recommend is the soundtracks. Every stage (even the different scenes) have their original soundtrack, it’s cheerful and exciting, though it sounds like the keygen music (now I’m writing review and listening the soundtrack, even it cycling perpetually, it never boring). Hear the soundtrack and play this game, your head and legs will shake on the beats, IT IS NOT JOKING. THE SOUNDTRACK KICK ASS.

Last thing make me amazed is the plot and the stage design. 8 totally new stages, different from the mediocre stages of original game, and also an EXTRA STAGE awaiting for your challenge! There’s 9 stages in total, and each stage have different style and different way to pass through, so funny and challenging (classical action, maze, puzzle, even parkouring)! You must pass through it with your intelligent and technics!

But there still a little question: the “crash” in the EXTRA STAGE, seems on purpose to do that, isn’t it? I hope author can answer this!

Strongly recommendation! Download and play! NOW! YOU WON’T REGRET FOR THIS!!!

(I’ve beat this game through, full 9 stages, I registered am account to write a review… Thanks the author again, you refined my childhood!)

Version 3.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A great improvement of original versionspeluacator25 Jan 20213.0Yes
Very cool, especially the soundtrack!Ra22609 Aug 20203.0Yes
Very tricky jump physicsmarco7502 Jul 20203.0Yes
What an improvement!Preki22 Nov 20183.0Yes