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Star Fox Exploration Showcase

Hack of Star Fox


The first full Star Fox mod using the source code. Many new features including:

  • 2 Player mode
  • New Ships
  • New Weapons
  • New Views
  • New 4th Course
  • Endurance Run code
  • Level Features Code
  • God Mode Code
  • Full Camera Control

and much much more. Please read the readme file & come on discord to discuss the hack!

7.36.4 5/7/21

  • Added SNES MINI mode - allows you to select a level when playing on snes mini without it crashing! Skips planet zoom/general pepper speech. R+X+A on the controller selection screen to activate. You’ll hear a twin blasters sound effect to confirm its activated!
  • Press R on map screen to fire a comet!
  • Ability to turn crosshair on/off (Same as debug display toggle, B+X - Cycle through 4 options)
  • *Debug overlay + Extended Debug overlay
  • **Added “weapon names” to the debug/info screen
  • **Added “player health” to the debug/info screen
  • **Added “double shot” on/off indicator to debug/info screen
  • **Added “god mode” on/off indicator to debug/info screen
  • **Added worldx/worldy to extended debug, moved speed/rotx/roty/rotz as well
  • **Added Current Total/Special Total counter for special enemies that affect stage %
  • *Debug overlay appears on pause screen
  • Get out of freeze+explore mode by almost the same method of entering (X+Start)
  • Freeze+Explore mode no longer has any movement boundaries
  • New crosshair (HayaoYokogawa)
  • New color for Fox’s ship on the map screen (HayaoYokogawa + CoolK)
  • Nicer views for Sector X, Meteor, Space Armada (CoolK)
  • Added more smart bomb powerups to the course 4 challenge (CoolK)


  • Fixed bug where player 2 would disappear as soon as a boss dies, which would not allow player 2 to continue if there were more bosses (1-6, 2-6, 3-7, Course 4, Endurance Run 1+4)
  • Player 2 spawns much faster now at the start of the level.
  • Fix Weapon 99’s ability to remove tunnel entrances and cause an endless level (1-3)
  • Fix crosshair disappearing + HUD disappearing in andross fight (esp course 4)
  • Finished restoring continue screen when not doing model test mode (Normal continue screen)
  • Fixed title screen bugs


  • Reverted score % buffer, it was adding 4 special objects killed to every level
  • Added version number to title screen


  • Model Test Mode: Select on title screen
  • B/Y to change the model
  • JU/JD/JL/JR to rotate
  • L/R to zoom in/out
  • Hold A to “draw”, release to “erase”
  • Super boost in god mode - while boosting with X, hold B to boost even faster! (Speed is 65 by default, 83 for normal boost, 123 for super boost)
  • Freeze + Explore mode! Hold B and press START (and then unpause) to stop the ship dead in its tracks!
  • Move forward with X and backwards with B
  • Joypad2 camera controls and Joypad1 camera view changes work
  • L+R+RIGHTJPAD to get out of frozen mode.
  • Enemies and level keeps running!
  • Further refined the colors of Fox/Slippy/Falco/Peppy’s ships (low poly+high poly)(Requested by Delta)
  • Replaced the training level with one made by CoolK. Thanks CoolK!
  • Created unique border limits for training level
  • Added 2 new ships to choose from, the car and the bike from 2-6 (Requested by Delta)
  • New title screen, removed sprite of team on title screen
  • Fix nukes so that pressing A detonates them on command after they are deployed when not in god mode
  • Fixed enemy weapon deflection when doing barrel rolls
  • Boost/Brake soundfx only plays upon pressing the button, not continuously. (Requested)

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Star Fox (USA) (Rev 2)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20180813-062835)
  • File SHA-1: 2E77E250501D9B232630AEECC1E5505CF2327484
  • File CRC32: C056B80C
  • ROM SHA-1: CF08148CD8F26D51F8C67C956179DFC594E7A4F1
  • ROM CRC32: 8FC4E6D0




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
kandowontuHackingPrimary ASM coder and modifier
StarxxonHackingCode Assistance for Camera

User Review Information

This makes me really happy

Reviewed By: lordhaxor on 07 Jan 2021

I’m glad I’ve found this. I have been following Starxxon’s twitter lately and I just had a trip to my childhood plus the feeling of exploration + nostalgia. This is amazing and I thank u guys for your work and dedication to release this, I think is a big advance to the community and I hope it grows. Greetings.

Version 6.41 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
This makes me really happylordhaxor07 Jan 20216.41Yes
Interesting, but too glitchy (kinda fixed)pikangs06 Nov 20206.41Yes