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W-Item Bugfix

Hack of Final Fantasy VII


This is a bugfix for the W-Item command for Final Fantasy VII.

The bug is about when using W-Item in a battle, you select any item, confirm it, and then select another item. When the arrow is over a character’s head, you must cancel the item. Every time one does this, the amount of the first item will go up by one.

With this patch, you can’t duplicate items with that bug.


  • v1.1: Minor bug fix when returning item. Thanks pating for reporting it.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Japanese (International) Disc 1: SLPS-01057. MD5: d87de4eaed7710a10774854e34c2e277
  • Japanese (International) Disc 2: SLPS-01058. MD5: 207b1d1a2e2eb4b14be1e0f4b2cb0596
  • Japanese (International) Disc 3: SLPS-01059. MD5: 47c41ab5f6db0fe1203edc553c2c5887
  • USA Disc 1: SCUS-94163. MD5: cce4e76d020b47847fe8e2f81ff613db
  • USA Disc 2: SCUS-94164. MD5: ccf63cd314d3e79878323199eb09d7dd
  • USA Disc 3: SCUS-94165. MD5: eac916b42d5c24f951c8dec2f13a63de
  • PAL (English) Disc 1: SCES-00867. MD5: 95daa58e45d71bfe6ce3c699c87652a0
  • PAL (English) Disc 2: SCES-10867. MD5: b469faf7e80a1d4c8b51d61472fe9207
  • PAL (English) Disc 3: SCES-20867. MD5: 8538ff9ee95c9e2e029608c2ce787045
  • PAL (German) Disc 1: SCES-00869. MD5: 2778db3d15f62ec879afada71c619b7b
  • PAL (German) Disc 2: SCES-10869. MD5: 6a4c56cf2609cdd425e98c2c04fa9291
  • PAL (German) Disc 3: SCES-20869. MD5: 744cf063d2a38e27a1450f6485dcec6d
  • PAL (French) Disc 1: SCES-00868. MD5: cb1dfccc75154da5cf08994130139216
  • PAL (French) Disc 2: SCES-10868. MD5: 9ed07f4d39c93569eae8040fa2272f2a
  • PAL (French) Disc 3: SCES-20868. MD5: 372ccecdb67fb12a9b4cfbfc19adbf91
  • PAL (Spanish 1.0) Disc 1: SCES-00900. MD5: 0fc3019e4f8d194a92adb7e17b1d9f2f
  • PAL (Spanish 1.0) Disc 2: SCES-10900. MD5: 4db27f95e9cc45855678eaa3e82bbf57
  • PAL (Spanish 1.0) Disc 3: SCES-20900. MD5: 45147d502dc87450ab15ee0c473ce9d2
  • PAL (Spanish 1.1) Disc 1: SCES-00900. MD5: 13b991a08692ced73fc92e6fdf0e31df
  • PAL (Spanish 1.1) Disc 2: SCES-10900. MD5: 386100768a9c80f5aec62cb345553b0c
  • PAL (Spanish 1.1) Disc 3: SCES-20900. MD5: c6ba1e0f3eeb7c949b31d6c59e2c299d




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Nice improvements to the iconic PlayStation game

Reviewed By: pating on 27 Jan 2021

I guess many who played this game and played it several times that the “W-Item Bug” was the most abused bug of Final Fantasy VII. Needless to say, this fix is worth the challenge. I highly recommended this to all. I have the International version of the game and enjoy the game as I patched it using this one. Thanks Ortew for his hard work of fixing this bug.

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Nice improvements to the iconic PlayStation gamepating27 Jan 20211.1Yes