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Graphics Editors


Supports editing NES, SNES, Genesis, PCE, GG, WS/C, GB/C, MSX 1+2, NGP/C, SMS, and GBA graphics.

This is the newly rewritten C# version. An older C++ version is also available. The two versions differ in available features and included content.

Plugins can be developed with Visual Studio Express.


  • YY-CHR.NET (English version)
  • This version is rewritten in C#. As a result, some features that have been removed from the C++ version, and some functions are not implemented.
  • It is now possible to make image format plug-ins in the .NET environment.
  • PRG-ROM Pattern Editor is included.
  • YY-CHR.NET plugin source code (English) included.
  • Option to swap between English and Japanese through menu selection.


User Review Information

A Wonderful Upgraded Version

Reviewed By: Morinis on 30 Dec 2020

I’ll admit it. This version brings a feature that I love into its functionality which is copying stuff directly from my Photoshop program and into the YYCHR sheet itself! You’ll have to make sure it’s whatever color limit for like 8 bit or 16 bit, but even then the colors can be adjusted with its wonderful feature called Replace Color that is located near the Load Emulator State icon on the bar.

True the default color scheme of purple throws you off a bit (purple for me) but can be easily adjusted.

For those that want easy route mixed with old but upgraded with the new, get this version!

Version 20200119 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Amazing Tool for Editing GraphicsSuzieStarscream17 May 202320210606Yes
Great improvements but version still unfinishededwinmusic10 Feb 202220210606Yes
Lacks one thingLusofonia07 Feb 202120200119Yes
Almost perfect, but missing one crucial featureSupergamerguy06 Feb 202120200119Yes
A Wonderful Upgraded VersionMorinis30 Dec 202020200119Yes