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Recent Updates


Level Editors


Zelda 3 dungeon editor and overworld possibility to edit almost everything related to the dungeons, tiles sprites, palettes, chests, etc…

3.0.1 Update

• fixed toolbox being inside eachother issue and updated to 3.0.1 was not possible to edit sprites key drop or subtype

3.0.0 Update

• lots of bug fix, lots of changes, lots small things you probably won’t notice

2.8.7 Update Many new things from the 2.5 version • A lot of bugs fixes • Basic Triforce/crystal editor • Screens Editor • Many new others features!

2.5 Update • Can edit the overworld and many others things

2.1 Update

New Features:

• All windows in Window menu are now using custom windows

• By mouse hovering/right clicking the map you can see a preview for the room

• You can use arrows to open adjacent rooms

• You can export cgram palette to a .pal format (yy-chr)

• Room tabs now have X to close them

Bugs Fixes:

• Door save on layer2 fixed

• Closing all room tabs crash fixed

• multi-Selecting object through mask object fixed

• Headered ROM are now working

• a bug happening when copy pasting multiple time *mostly fixed

• Room objects save are using Expanded ROM too now (start at 0×120000 search for 0×00 bytes)

• Some objects names has been changed

• Some useless confusing menu got removed from right click


User Review Information

Reviewed By: gravitygoesup1 on 22 Dec 2020

This editor has so many features you can literally make a full hack of Link to the Past just using this editor. And it seriously isn’t that hard to use. It has editors for dungeons, overworld, text, and a screen for importing custom graphics. Pretty useful program for anyone doesn’t know ASM and wants to make a rom hack.

Version 2.5 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Just...wowgravitygoesup122 Dec 20202.5Yes