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Super Robot Taisen OG: Original Generations

PlayStation 2

Game Description:

Super Robot Taisen OG: Original Generations (Super Robot Wars OG: Original Generations) is the remake version of the two OG games for the GBA. The game was released on June 28, 2007 by Banpresto for the PS2 Console.

Translation Description:

This is the complete translation of Super Robot Wars: Original Generations.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • SCAJ-20185
  • A known good dump of the original Japanese version has the following hash values:
  • - MD5: 5F8EF32E8497C403C3A39FBABC4F90EC
  • - SHA-1: 3E7F5B9B12F93606406B05CF4AC597E9BA69B8F3
  • - SHA-256: 7C82E7303949C1C92331AC7AAFF0EF1C8500B7AB8A227502964FCAB7EDB179EB



RHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Ngram PriskenTranslation
FeiScript Editing/Revision

User Review Information

Less a 'translation' and more a 'localization' (EDIT: big bug included)

Reviewed By: RayOfSpeed on 02 Jan 2021

EDIT: Patch introduces a bug where option parts may become unusable. Only seen so far with parts on the Angelg when you briefly lose it during the OG2 portion, but be aware of it. This isn’t an issue with the unpatched game.

If you liked VXT’s style of translation, then this will be up your alley. Unfortunately, it really feels like the translation has been handled by two different people, at least where it comes to the battle dialogue: one person who did it basically straight, and another who either made things up wholesale or simply overlocalized it as if they were working at 4kids. For example, Marion refers to the Grungust Type-0’s zankantou as a ’steak knife’, when she should call it a ’sushi knife’. There are other, extremely strange translation choices as well, such as the joke about what to call Sanger (Excellen calls him ‘boss’ in engrish, and Sanger remarks that Kyosuke should call him ‘oyabun’; this patch replaces it with suggesting that Kyosuke should call him ‘Honcho’, with an umlaut over the first o for some reason). There’s no consistency, either: early in the piece a joke Excellen makes about how Bullet should call her ‘Sensei’ is replaced with a more western “Miss Browning”, but multiple characters refer to Rishu as “Sensei”, begging the question of why the decision was made to write around it in a scene not ten minutes of (slow) play beforehand.

A suggestion in my stream was that any of the weird battle quotes were taken from the GBA official releases, but to my recollection that’s not the case (I may be wrong, since it’s been a lot of time and distance). The big problem I have with this is that when so much of the battle dialogue is either inaccurate or replaced entirely with new dialogue (some of which is completely out of character), it makes it very difficult to trust the ‘translated’ dialogue in other places - which is the biggest draw to this kind of translation patch (since almost everyone who actually has an interest in this series has probably played the game in Japanese menus to begin with).

Unfortunately, this isn’t even a case of ‘if you don’t like it go play the GBA’ - putting aside the gameplay being radically different, OGs redefined major parts of the setting and added plot beats and characters that don’t exist in the GBA releases.

That being said, I do have to praise the technical skill involved in the patch: flying graphics and title cards have been replaced, even though that can be a tremendous pain in the ass to do, and the text mostly looks good. There is even an option for italicized text, something the game doesn’t support under normal circumstances (although it is unfortunately only applied for emphasis instead of correctly being used for ship names, and rarely at that).

While technically impressive, the poor translations (or simply ‘making it up’) for battle dialogue is very frustrating and casts other aspects of the translation in a poor light, making it difficult for the end user to trust that what they’re getting is an accurate translation. If I was going to compare the quality of this patch to a real production company, I’d compare it to 4kids, and I don’t mean that in a purely negative way - the style of localization is simply similar. I can’t in good conscience refer to it as a ‘translation patch’, however, because it simply isn’t a translation.

If you want to have a look for yourself - I archived the stream I did it of this morning:

As a note to the authors… you guys should find out which company does the SEA English localizations for SRW now and apply to them. Your style is really similar and you’re clearly capable of working at a professional level.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Excellent TranslationShophoenix31 Jul 20211.2Yes
Thanks for the hard work!Frocto15 Apr 20211.2Yes
Glad to finally have this game in English! ...SortaDiamondDust13211 Apr 20211.2Yes
A Localization That Brings the Best of Both WorldsAreat Maxwell14 Jan 20211.2Yes
Never thought I'd have this thanksMrDro2k29 Dec 20201.2Yes
Unbelievably superb hacksoulgain9827 Dec 20201.2Yes
Amazing workPsionicStorm25 Dec 20201.2Yes
This is the way to play SRW OGSLedah01323 Dec 20201.2Yes
Excellent and professional localizationReiska23 Dec 20201.2Yes
Less a 'translation' and more a 'localization' (EDIT: big bug included)RayOfSpeed02 Jan 20211.0No