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NBA Jam SNES 5bpp graphics converter

Game Specific


This command line tool will extract the uncompressed player portraits and save them as .bmp files. You can then edit the images using a graphics editor of your choice. Finally, use this tool to insert them back into the game. It can also display the locations of each image as a file location or SNES memory address. Requires the (U) version of the game without a header.

Bonus: Get your compiler ready, the C source code is included!


User Review Information

A must have for NBA Jam TE modders!

Reviewed By: eskayelle on 09 Dec 2020

This program is one of the most important tools I’ve had in my arsenal and was key in my being able to efficiently complete NBA Jam 2K20 TE and 2K21 TE. It’s reasonably easy to use, and it can locate revised offsets for any compressed portraits that have been relocated so as to replace the compressed ones with updates.

Have at it!

Version 0.7.1b Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A must have for NBA Jam TE modders!eskayelle09 Dec 20200.7.1bYes