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From Below



FROM BELOW is a falling block puzzle game featuring:

Soft Drops Hard Drops Wall Kicks T-Spins Lock Delay 3 modes of play: Kraken Battle Mode

The signature mode of FROM BELOW. Battle the Kraken by clear lines across the onslaught of attacking Kraken Tentacles. The Tentacles push more blocks onto the screen every few seconds, forcing to act quickly, and strategize on an every changing board.

Classic Mode

The classic block falling mechanics you know and love without any new gimicks. Modernize for 2020, with Hard Drops, Lock Delay, and more, making this (hopefully) the best feeling puzzle game on the NES!

Turn Based Kraken Battle Mode

Similar to “Kraken Battle Mode”, but instead of the Kraken attacking every few seconds, it advances its tentacle every time you drop a piece. Make every move count, as this move favors slow, deliberate play!



User Review Information

Tetris clone with a monstrous, modern twist!

Reviewed By: Cralex on 06 Dec 2020

This would have made a fantastic licensed game back in the day. (I’m imagining what the box art would have looked like.) Picture this: you just grabbed this game cart and popped it in. You mash A to get past the options and just start the game. You are presented with fun, solid-feeling game of Tetris in a beautifully presented medieval setting.

Then you see the Kraken.

It selects a column and places a tentacle under it. Every few seconds, it’ll push up the blocks in that column by one row. Leave it alone too long and it’ll topple your column, but you can fight it back by clearing a row through its tentacle. All this time, you’re listening to epic demoscene music.

I’m no Tetris expert, but the controls feel really good. I haven’t even played the classic (no kraken) and battle (kraken makes a move every time you do) modes, but I can already tell that this game is a fantastic addition to any NES library.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Tetris again!? But in the original way!?diablo66625 Sep 20211.0Yes
A highly-polished must-have puzzler.The Beaky Buccaneer10 Mar 20211.0Yes
"But you can't improve NES Tetris" I told myself...j0nas30 Dec 20201.0Yes
A great spin on that block game we all know and love!eskayelle14 Dec 20201.0Yes
Tetris clone with a monstrous, modern twist!Cralex06 Dec 20201.0Yes
Wonderful game !alien nose job29 Nov 20201.0Yes
Awesome gamecreavtivenameman28 Nov 20201.0Yes
You NEED this game in your NES collection.lsignoret27 Nov 20201.0Yes