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Romance of the Three Kingdoms II NameStatFix

Hack of Romance of the Three Kingdoms II


As the name suggests, NSF fixes names (Hain Fu - Han Fu, Jia Xue - Jia Xu, etc.) and stats (Liu Zhang the incompetent will no longer have higher stats than Cao Cao’s elite generals, Yue Jin and Yu Jin).

Stats are based off of real life stats where feasible (obviously that’s not feasible for fictional officers!). The one exception is Yang Ping; since he comes neither from real life nor Luo Guanzhong’s novel (Romance of the Three Kingdoms) but from Eiji Yoshikawa’s Japanese-only version, he still has the original stats.

As a bonus, everyone is playable, and the game now allows up to 16 players instead of 12.

Special thanks go out to Gamefaqs’ RoTK2 board.

I, DragonAtma give Koei Tecmo full permission to use this mod however they’d like.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Romance of the Three Kingdoms II (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20180813-062835)
  • File SHA-1: C694B6241C3F5115F276CAA8573D514E431E9F8D
  • File CRC32: 2A0BAA6B
  • ROM SHA-1: 2DED7B6EA4D10200106E514DECC10BD3C9F86E2F
  • ROM CRC32: 8033574A




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User Review Information

A Facelift that sets the bar.

Reviewed By: Old_gamer on 02 Dec 2020

Always loved this game. 10-11 years old and it was an instant hit. Never thought it could be better. Well, let’s go to now where that is a reality.

Everything I wanted here is done and them some. All abilities are adjusted to be more historical and accurate. Loyalties to some rulers are adjusted to fit history and you can play as anyone. Kong Rong? Yep. Yang Feng? Yes. Even the games bitch Wang Lang as you can conquer China with all. There are dialog fixes too (Chao Yun is now Zhao Yun) Hidden generals are around but may be different time and province.

The one thing that stood out for me we the redrawn portraits of all the lesser generals like Jian Yong or Zhang Xun for example are all now have an important look even the worst generals look cool.

I was one of the beta testers on the game faq board and watched this develop for about a year and a half. Gotta appreciate the work put into this. My Inner child thanks you deeply.

Version 1.11 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A Facelift that sets the bar.Old_gamer02 Dec 20201.11Yes