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Doom 64 Brightness + Features Menu

Hack of Doom 64


This patch sets the brightness to maximum and also enables a features menu. For some reason the US release of Doom 64 had it’s brightness set to zero.

Press PAUSE during gameplay to access the menu, which contains level select, invulnerability, health, weapon toggles and an option to view the whole map.


  • Removed debug commands from the control pad options

(thanks to caterpillar for pointing it out)

  • Now has patches for the Rev A, US 1.0 & PAL version

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Doom 64 (USA) (Rev A).z64 (US 1.1):
  • CRC-32: 1d3a17b5
  • MD5: 1b1378bb9ee819f740550f566745af73
  • SHA-1: 6fb0ce9c75bbe54b6e1ede337652b0221e5f2aad
  • Doom 64 (USA).z64 (US 1.0):
  • CRC-32: 5cc1ade6
  • MD5: b67748b64a2cc7efd2f3ad4504561e0e
  • SHA-1: 799a588d73da3fcce8031026a8187da92b91c817
  • Doom 64 (Europe).z64 (PAL):
  • CRC-32: d985c356
  • MD5: 190ccca6526dc4a1f611e3b40f5131c0
  • SHA-1: b63060f69bb4e1547da1d762e740d19393977055




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Excellent QOL hack for those playing on real hardware.

Reviewed By: ultimateman on 24 Nov 2020

I just played this on a real N64 via my Everdrive and I love this hack. Having the brightness up by default is nice but having the “features” i.e. cheats in the pause menu is excellent as well. Sometimes when you want to melt some demon faces after a long day’s work it’s just nice to load up on weapons and go HAM. That said, even just the level select is much more convenient than the password system, allowing you to more easily pick up where you left off or to simply replay your favorite levels much more easily. I highly recommend this hack to anyone looking to play DOOM 64 on real hardware and I hope to see similar QOL hacks on other N64 games in the future.

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Excellent QOL hack for those playing on real hardware.ultimateman24 Nov 20201.1Yes
Now it's an easy recommend.ifightdragons21 Nov 20201.1Yes
Update fixed previous issues I haddrunk_caterpillar02 Dec 20201.1Yes