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SMB Paradyce2j

Hack of Super Mario Bros. 2


A graphics upgrade for Super Mario Bros. that brings the graphics up to the style seen in Super Mario Bros. 2 the American Version that substitutes the original version of this game. There are various graphic patches. This patch can only be patched without graphic and TSA changes.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Mario Brothers 2 (Japan) (Alt 1).fds
  • File MD5: 6C808470ECCBB88E8E0A54A92D43D0DA
  • File SHA-1: 0A2397F6C99FB2356A77E03EE032F8EEDF2845C3
  • File CRC32: AB7652B7
  • ROM MD5: F62909AD7125ED94EF0FC1D44164A518
  • ROM SHA-1: 08927227B6FF67F42E759505D176CD924931BD14
  • ROM CRC32: 5C419EE8




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User Review Information

THIS IS AMAZING! Just what I was looking for

Reviewed By: atpstudios on 23 Nov 2020

How is this from 2006 and no one knows about this!?

After playing through the first Mario Bros then discovering the Japan only 2, I immediately felt tired of the art work since its pretty much the exact same.

I figured that somebody out there must have did some kind of graphics overhaul perhaps even with the USA version of Mario 2 in mind!

Sure enough here it is! The game has a brand new coat of paint and it looks absolutely beautiful! I love how he gave different patches that add and change different graphics, in the end I ended up going with changing everything except for the enemies (Only reason being I thought the bad guys that come out of the “pipes” bothered me since they weren’t centered and they had an awkward gap between them and the pipe).

I recommend that if anyone hasn’t experienced playing the Japan version of Mario 2 to play this hack along with Save and load states YOU WILL NEED THEM.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
THIS IS AMAZING! Just what I was looking foratpstudios23 Nov 20201.0Yes