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Takt of Magic


Game Description:

Takt of Magic is an strategy game for the Wii. Players use a Wii Remote to draw runes to cast spells.

Translation Description:

This patch will translate your Japanese edition of Takt of Magic for Wii in English.

It can either be used with retail disc, or applied to an ISO.

Tutorial is provided in the “README” file enclosed.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • ROSJ01.ISO
  • Size: 4699979776
  • Crc: f3c1d640
  • Md5: 716892acb8c43844f1e1c2bc9edf34ea
  • Sha1: 339ce05a1fa840fb35b264be37099176be73706f


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ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Brand NewmanTranslation

User Review Information

Never thought I'd see this happening!

Reviewed By: Maeson on 30 Jun 2022

First of all, I’d like to clarify that I’ve been part of the testing team, that’s why I’m writing this review so soon after the release, it is not a review made after “trying it” for five minutes.

About the translation:

Well, it is complete, of course! And I’m ecstatic to finally being able to understand this game, after it never got localised back in the Wii days, which is strange because it was a joint project between Taito and Nintendo apparently.

There’s more text in this game that I expected, with many, many dialogue scenes between battles, and Brand Newman has done several passes to the entire script as the project progressed to keep continuity and consistency, with a lot of polishing up these last weeks.

Unit descriptions, Spell descriptions, battle tips (which are specific for each stage, meaning there’s LOTS of them), menus, the online mode and of course the story text are entirely in English, it reads well and it’s well formatted. The font is also big enough to be easy to read, and makes use of different colours for words that need to stand out to make it look even nicer.

With a few things, though, such as the name of certain characters or areas, there were some compromises for lack of space, which is the eternal enemy of fan translating. But Newman actually drew new icons to depict things like forests with a Tree Icon. It’s a clever way of getting around it.

Mr. Newman went so far as to recreate an instruction booklet with instructions and the entire spell book to have in hand (quite handy to put in your phone an check it during stages), which is a great detail I like see fan translations do.

It was a pleasure to help so he could bring this game into English in the best way possible. I only wish he didn’t grow too tired of me!

Overall the translation is solid and obviously recommended!

About the game (mostly gameplay comments):

I actually wouldn’t call it an “Action RPG”. I see it more as a Real Time Strategy game where you manage a limited number of units (so, closer to an Strategy RPG) throughout a variety of stages battling, resolving puzzles and avoiding obstacles.

This game is in fact a “gameplay successor” of a rather underrated Nintendo DS game called Lost Magic!

The game makes extensive use of the Wii’s aiming controls for everything (mirroring the NDS’ touch screen). Moving around menus, commanding your units, and of course, doing your magic is done through aiming.

The gameplay key element are magicians, which are the leaders of the teams you command or fight against. If your magician is defeated, you automatically lose, and that’s why you have to assemble a team with a varying number of units (up to three) to help protect it, that can be either Guards, humanoid allies that bond with a magician, or Mana Beasts, which are mystical creatures with unique properties.

Of course, your magician is no useless, and it is in fact a force to be reckon with… If you’re not afraid of motion controls, that is. As you progress through the game you are taught Runes, which you “draw” by aiming and doing specific doodles on the screen.

Later on, you will even be able to mix different runes to create entirely new Spells! In fact, there are over a hundred different spells in this game, and there’s a huge variety of effects, some for offence, others for defence, and a number of them which are just fun to mess with.

The game I find it does a pretty good job of shaking things up, because as you progress through the story, new elements get thrown at you. The stages will have higher or lower terrain, you’ll start finding traps, switches, and other things like lava or strong water currents that will make you start paying more attention to what you do and mechanically understand how and when use certain Spells, or what allies are better for a specific job.

And the goals for stages also vary up. Sometimes is defeating all enemies, others taking down a boss, maybe the goal is reaching a certain point of the stage, or rescuing Mana Beasts that will join your cause.

The game also has quite a bit of content.

I won’t spoil anything story wise, but beyond the meaty story content, you have the Score Mode, where you can replay stages in an attempt to gain Gold Medals (and try different strategies on earlier stages with the spells you unlock), which unlock special and very challenging stages, you have Stone Challenges which mostly are puzzle-like scenarios that you need to beat with limited spells and are rather technical and tricky, and other things.

And of course you have the online mode which has friend battles, rank battles, competitive and cooperative stages. It does actually work on a private server, and I hope one day it is included among Wiimmfi’s working titles. I couldn’t make too much use of it because apparently my internet connection causes some issues, but seems like other people got to play just fine.

Overall, I find the game enjoyable and worth playing, and it stands out as an unique experience on the Wii.

And… I think that’s all I’ll say. I’m really happy to see this game translated, and even more that I actually had tons of fun playing it.

Thanks for your hard work, Brand Newman, it is seriously appreciated.

Version 1.01 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A full translation after a decade of waiting!millvis30 Jun 20221.01Yes
Never thought I'd see this happening!Maeson30 Jun 20221.01Yes