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Lode Runner Mini

Hack of Lode Runner


This hack allows you to switch between the normal view of the game and the mini size view which makes it look more like the original Apple version.

xDelta3 Patcher:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Name: Lode Runner (Japan).nes
  • SHA-1: 581A3E9AD5FFD985E21738E18189C67B4E0A516C
  • MD5: 739B7C1DB2B397941C1260999B641A7F
  • CRC32: 68224C5C




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Creative and simplifying

Reviewed By: diablo666 on 08 Nov 2020

This hack extends some of the game’s functionality and makes it easier for those who have difficulty with the original. The original game - has several wide screens with scrolling, and in this hack - there is a “second mode” that does everything on one screen, introducing simplification and you see everything and more clearly plan your movements to collect items. And the second mode - introduces a simplified, but new graphics to the game. Why do I recommend it? There is both an original mode and a simplified one. For whom the original is difficult - Тhe author helps with this improvement.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Creative and simplifyingdiablo66608 Nov 20201.0Yes