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Pokemon Factory Adventure

Hack of Pokémon: Red Version


Pokémon Factory Adventure - A hack based on Roaming Red by TShadowKnight

The year is 199X. Several months after becoming champion of the Kanto Region, Red is called back by Blue to help on a secret mystery-solving mission! In Red’s absence the Kanto region has been overtaken by a strange mist that mutates Pokémon into shocking new forms, and the military has instated a lockdown! Are you a bad enough detective to discover the origin of the mutations and save Kanto?

This hack is based on a fansite some older Pokémon fans may remember from the late 90s called “The Pokémon Factory”. On it, fans (presumably kids) would email in their ideas for new Pokémon to the site’s artists who would make sprites and Pokédex entries of them to be displayed. These Pokédex mockups have made the rounds on the internet in the years since, with some even gaining notoriety as “Pokegods”.

Features include:

  • Gameplay from Roaming Red, an open-world Red hack by TShadowKnight:
  • Selectable starting town, scaling levels based on your team, built-in randomizer options, and a fully open Kanto to explore in any order!
  • an all-new story with every line of text in the game changed
  • 190 Pokémon to collect created by kids in the 90s
  • New locations to explore
  • New Moves
  • New Gym Leaders and other event battles
  • The return of the Battle Tent from Pokémon Anniversary Red
  • Version 3.2 Update-
  • Fixes a bug at the Battle Tent & removes scaling on game corner prize mons to prevent locking a player out of dex completion due to evo stage scaling
  • Fixes AI oversight that disregarded some new moves
  • Fixes Route 7 gate bug
  • Eeveelutions and some other stone evos learnsets modified.
  • Fixes surf encounters bugged in Seafoam Islands
  • Put Hunter, Wendigo, and Psything in the wild (oversight fix)

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced)
  • Database: No-Intro: Game Boy/Color (v. 20180815-131105)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: EA9BCAE617FDF159B045185467AE58B2E4A48B9A
  • File/ROM CRC32: 9F7FDD53




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
CamHackingPrimary hacking

User Review Information

Promising but the balance suffers

Reviewed By: Lunaria on 02 Nov 2020

This hack is fairly promising and from what I have played it *is* quite nice.

Everything in regards to the writing that I have seen so far have been pretty good with some humorous dialogue every once in a while. And while the setting does seem a bit edgy I haven’t really seen much of that outside of the opening blurb yet.

Really, the main issue I have with this hack is the balancing. Which I realize it’s using another hack as base for, but it’s still something that is featured in this one, so. The pokemons you face, both wild and trainers scale up based on the highest level pokemon in your party, this is a pretty awkward way to handle difficulty scaling in my opinion and results in the following issues:

1. There is not much point in capturing low level pokemons unless it’s something you’re planning you use *now*. You can always just go back and catch it later and it will be higher level and save you from grinding them up.

2. You’re excessively encouraged to grind up your entire party to always be at an even level. While I do think encouraging to keep an even leveled team in pokemon games is not bad, it’s way too harsh in the implementation. I want to stress that WILD pokemon can show up at the same level as the highest level pokemon in your party.

3. Challenging Gym leaders early is not a good option, since they all have many pokemons, and you’re better off coming back later. It seems smarter to just come back way later in the game when you have a fully formed team that can counter everything thrown at you.

To compare and contrast to something like Crystal Clear, which scales up parts of the world (but not everything) based on your gym badge count, which makes for a much more gradient curve and more enjoyable experience. It also puts more power in the players hand how difficult they want the experience.

There are also a lot of other issues, such as trainers not really giving you much money when you beat them, this is not a huge issue at the start since you start with a good chunk of cash, but you want to spend all of it right away so you don’t lose it should you faint out.

I do want to see more of this hack because it does have some neat ideas, and if the blurb is true where these pokemon designs came from then that’s also super charming to me. But in it’s current state it’s kind of a slog to play, and I don’t really feel incentivized to do much of anything other than grinding up my party till they learn good enough moves to tackle the gyms.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
A fantastic throwback with some odd issuesKirizame13 Aug 20223.2Yes
A quick note for those on real hardwareChronosplit16 Feb 20213.2Yes
Promising but the balance suffersLunaria02 Nov 20201.0No