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Custom Robo

Nintendo 64

Game Description:

Custom Robo is an action fighting game for the Nintendo 64.

Translation Description:

The patch fully translates the game to English. It has some issues that make emulators crash at certain points in the game, which will be resolved in a future update.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Custom Robo (J) [!].z64 (GoodN64 V3.27)
  • Custom Robo (Japan).z64 (No-Intro 2017-08-29)
  • Size: 16.777.216
  • CRC32: F2FAE693
  • MD5: A06D2E83CF2628915E8847F609474661
  • SHA-1: 49DE08F08400A477485C4798D6CD81D95842C806


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


User Review Information

Fun game, good translation with a few bugs to be addressed.

Reviewed By: kaiisen on 10 Oct 2020

First of all, thank you for translating this game, I had quite fun with it and I hope someone will translated V2 too some day.

As for the bugs, I found this situation where, whenever trembling dialogue boxes appears(like the NPC is screaming or something), the game will crash. I only have got this tested on Project64 though. The Japanese/unpatched game won’t crash at all so this is translation related. The good thing is that the only trembling dialogue boxes are from optional conversations. Main plot conversations never used those so you can proceed no problem.

Also, the game will crash at the very end scene of the game, but don’t worry since you won’t miss a big deal: after that point you’re only supposed to see a THE END screen. Again, this develops just fine in the Japanese/unpatched game, so it must be translation related as well.

Thank you!

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Excellent translation - Some issues to be aware ofPiplup8710 May 20211.0Yes
Fun game, good translation with a few bugs to be addressed.kaiisen10 Oct 20201.0Yes