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Banana Prince 2 - The Adventure of Banana Goat

Hack of Banana Prince


This hack bring many changes to the old rom.

  • new levels
  • new enemies (some enemies are invincible)
  • new graphics
  • weapons changed (price,attack,shop order)
  • music (order in levels)
  • special attack is always charged (hold down and press B+up)
  • boss hp
  • bonus levels
  • some text
  • game over feature corrected (after game over you start at the beginning of the level)

But if you still like the new graphic there is no problem because you can use it in this hack too, the other 2 patches are with German and Japanese gfx and contains all the changes (except music)


Credits to Kingmike for using his translation

Version 3.4 update changes a few graphics and gives you more time + the bosses have more hp (only available for the main patch)

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Version: German
  • CRC-32: 8A65E57C
  • MD-5: 5A16B55EA933FE0CD1AA5F8EC823152E
  • SHA-1: 13CE9937A83E975B06D6D760347B940DED688797




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
KingMikeOriginal Hacking
Tyler "Teary Eyes" AndersonOriginal TranslationLiteral German to English translation
elbobeloGraphicsRestored the japanese version graphics for old version 0.1
SorinkunGraphicsRestored most of the graphics and drawn some new ones

User Review Information

death pits for whole levels

Reviewed By: knkn on 05 Oct 2020

I just annoyed to fall down, you can call it “hardcore”, but it is just poor level design. It is not Mario with perfect physics, most of jumps were taken from NinjaGaiden - I recognized them: small platform, enemy, and you have to jump onto platform from the side to hit enemy at 0.1 sec just before you landing, bat-traps from NinjaGaiden were replaced for invisible reactive cucumbers that jump just before you going to land on narrow platform. NinjaGaiden’s bat-traps didn’t require to memorize them all - at least they were fair visible. At least I liked down-up-B combo for StreetFighter move, maybe there are more, but I didn’t try.

It was my first introduction to Banana Prince, so I not familiar with shopping system, move set list, so I cant say if it improved, but I know, that people want to see new game situations, combinations of enemies, decreasing grinding of old game design, but most of level looks like some kind of noise-random-falling-platforms generated, 2nd boss maybe interesting to watch against TAS-bot, but not to play against.

Authors just don’t want you to play it. It is Dr.Jakil & Mr.Hyde, it is Rad Racer where lack of content hidden behind impossible gameplay, but it is long game, let it be. Later I will be back to figure out strategy against 2nd boss with save states, but i absolutely sure that there are nothing more than frustration lately in game.

Version 3.4 Recommended - No

User Reviews
death pits for whole levelsknkn05 Oct 20203.4No