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Berserk: Millennium Falcon Hen - Seima Senki no Shou

PlayStation 2

Game Description:

Berserk: Millennium Falcon Hen - Seima Senki no Shou is an action beat ‘em up game for the PlayStation 2.

Translation Description:

Complete English patch of “Berserk - Millennium Falcon Arc” (or “Sword of the Berserk 2″).

The patch is too big for RHDN, instead, please visit the author’s blog (-archived-) for the download.

Link to translation patches:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Checksums before patching
  • CRC-32: 7ff31f5b
  • MD5: c82b2186f7fb0613911a4823c710aa28
  • SHA-1: b49959e5a4d92f3c9be8b8402116c29f696167a8
  • Checksums after patching
  • CRC-32: 7ea4c1be
  • MD5: 932bfa550f29b46da3093f5c6585356d
  • SHA-1: 580c328e216ec3b6217e8f0a3a2516577eb88f89


Screenshots: Patch Patch Images


User Review Information

Less translation and more Chinese whispers

Reviewed By: nahara on 20 Sep 2020

I was looking forward to it for a long time, even imported a copy from Japan, so when I read about this translation I got excited. Sadly it seems the person responsible had a poor grasp of Japanese as there’s lots of easy to spot mistakes (i.e.: Big monster comes out, Puck says “Deka” meaning huge but subtitle says something like “Slack”; or Guts says “sonna bakana” when losing but it gets translated as “I’m a fool”). It’s what you’d call a guesslation. On top of that the creator isn’t a native speaker (he translated to Italian and then to English) and doesn’t have the best grammar. This situation reminded me of the 3DS EX Troopers TL attempt by a Brazilian fellow only less extreme. The latest version was said to be the final one, thus we’re left with a messy attempt that’s not worth bothering with.

Version 1.1 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Less translation and more Chinese whispersnahara20 Sep 20201.1No