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Batman: The Junkyard Challenge

Hack of Batman: The Video Game


Do you love Batman, but yearn for more? Do you find the game to be too easy? Are you looking for a challenge? If so then this may be the hack for you.

This hack came about because of conversations with Batman speedrunner junkyard_dave wherein existing hacks of the game were lamented. This hack aims to rectify the situation by providing a new and difficult experience for anyone daring enough to attempt The Junkyard Challenge.

This hack features all new (and significantly more difficult) stages. Other changes that add to the challenge include enemy placements/health and boss AI. The item drop tables have also been changed. Though difficult, note that damage boosts are not required in this hack. It is possible that some maneuvers that require sub-pixel precision to avoid damage have slipped through the cracks, but this would be no more than a few instances. If well executed nearly all (if not actually all) of the game should be playable damage-less.

Tile editing was done with CADEditor. Enemy placements and other changes were made by hex editing directly.

Version 1.1 changes: Fixed a soft lock in 1-2. multiple players found you could get stuck in the top right corner. Moved a platform in 4-3 to eliminate a cheese strat.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Batman - The Video Game (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20180803-121122)
  • File SHA-1: 73B33E67E3C9E1116F9FCB021B10BB1171B8696A
  • File CRC32: 395569EC
  • ROM SHA-1: A6C56AC787FF11A67921867FFC9F79A57A382657
  • ROM CRC32: 13C6617E




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User Review Information

Savestates required

Reviewed By: nesrocks on 20 Sep 2020

I love Batman on the NES. But it has become too easy for me. And yet I still replay it. So I thought this was for me.

Well, the hack displays very inventive and amazing ways to use the game mechanics. Or should I say, requires you to use the mechanics in inventive ways. That in itself should be great, and it shows that link_7777 knows the game in depth, but it requires you to do things frame perfectly, otherwise you lose a lot of time, and often health too. It’s perhaps the main motif in all levels to the point that it is frustrating.

I don’t mind the ways levels start by requiring you to think fast as soon as possible, I actually liked those and it keeps you on your toes. The problem for me is the precise platforming. You will use a lot of savestates for these. I wish the difficulty was more about enemy placement and less about perfect platforming, or at least done in a way as to not penalize you for missing.

Also, the RNG for the ceiling enemy dispenser (the one where we can farm for health) is a problem in the original game that I’d like to see fixed. It really should be a fixed sequence, for example, “points”, “weapon”, “points”, “health”, repeat. Otherwise it only wastes time. This is not a big problem in the original game, but here you’re almost required to always get to full health every time you encounter one of these, so it should be changed, imo.

There’s a bug too, in level 2 you can climb the level and reach corrupted level data area where batman will warp to another coordinate and die.

So, if you want a challenge you can try it, but I don’t see how someone can be this patient. So I think it fits more into the kaizo category.

link_7777 clearly knows the game very well and seems passionate about it. I wish a more realistic challenge was created. Perhaps a variation of this that requires you to do the precise jumps to progress (which are really brilliant examples of the game’s mechanics), but that doesn’t penalize you while trying would be awesome.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A real challenge indeedKuda26 Feb 20221.1Yes
Savestates requirednesrocks20 Sep 20201.0Yes