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Darkwing Duck Advance

Hack of Darkwing Duck


This is a Darkwing Duck hack which adds a new additional extra level with new boss - Negaduck, it can be playing after finishing all regular levels.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Darkwing Duck (U) [!].nes - GOODNES 3.14
  • CRC32: 307D0FC4
  • MD5: 459837F4E8FCBAF29BD66ED926B6882E
  • SHA-1: 7188D8CE3D8D2A0DCD7B10FBC23A6F84FA9C4161
  • SHA-256: B7FFF97F34D7142765685C6505AD54285CFD7E847E6943BC53E432C4F25FA49C




User Review Information

A Great Concept With Overly Malicious Execution

Reviewed By: CasualChris on 06 Sep 2020

I would like to preface this review by saying that although I agree with the other review’s issues with the hack, it’s quite difficult to read, and referring to the creator as a “13-year-old” falls a bit too far into the realm of the inflammatory for my tastes. Here’s my take on the situation at hand.

Starting off, the concept of a “true final level” after the original final level that’s more difficult and features new enemies as well as a fight against Negaduck is spectacular, even as a non-Darkwing Duck fan. The stage looks good, it has a great, sinister atmosphere, and the brand-new music track that plays in it compliments it very nicely. The creator was probably going for the same vibe as the Special Stage in Mega Man 9. Unfortunately, this is where the problems into a more clear view.

For starters, the stage is FAR too long. It’s easily twice as long as any of the original game’s stages and then some, if not three times as long. It’s only made even longer by the fact that there is not a single checkpoint in this stage. None. The only semblance of a checkpoint there is is once you get to Negaduck himself, but you’re still running on limited ammo, health, and lives, not that they matter unless you actually reach him. The new enemies introduced only add to the frustration, as both the spider and the homing robotic duck head have baffling amounts of health. It’s a little telling when the strongest weapon in the game, the Arrow Gun, still feels like a pea-shooter in comparison to your opposition. The aforementioned duck head also constantly homes in on your position and fires projectiles, so even if you successfully manage to squeeze past it (which is a rarity given the level’s highly malevolent architecture, with more pits and spikes than you can shake several sticks at), you’re still susceptible to open fire.

In the rare instance (without save states/rewind, at least) that you DO manage to reach Negaduck, the headache’s not over, as not only does Negaduck spend most of his time completely invulnerable thanks to his cape shield, but his fast running speed and his Arrow Gun projectiles are very difficult to dodge on their own (the only chance you get to attack him are while he’s firing at you), and there are spikes to watch out for in the arena too! And of course, if you run out of lives, it’s back to the beginning of the long, treacherous journey to try again… or give up, if you value your time. Overly punishing repetition like this wouldn’t even be acceptable in any Mega Man game, where you have much larger amounts of health and weapons at your disposal.

In summation, as great as the concept is, the Herculean amounts of player-unfriendly design prevent me from being able to recommend it. Maybe if you’re some sort of world record speedrunner/no-damage runner of the original game, or you’re okay with tool-assisting your way through, you could make a case for it, but in its current state (and said state seemingly won’t change considering that this has never been updated in the eight years it’s been out), there’s not much else to say other than that it’s not worth the trouble.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
It used to be good...JustSearchingForGoodHacks18 Jul 20211.0No
Worthy final test as long as you have decent skillsArtemis27 Mar 20211.0Yes
Good addition, but hardcorediablo66617 Oct 20201.0No
A Great Concept With Overly Malicious ExecutionCasualChris06 Sep 20201.0No
unfair dissapointing (designer is 13y.o.)knkn02 Sep 20201.0No