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Darkwing Duck Advance

Hack of Darkwing Duck


This is a Darkwing Duck hack which adds a new additional extra level with new boss - Negaduck, it can be playing after finishing all regular levels.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Darkwing Duck (U) [!].nes - GOODNES 3.14
  • CRC32: 307D0FC4
  • MD5: 459837F4E8FCBAF29BD66ED926B6882E
  • SHA-1: 7188D8CE3D8D2A0DCD7B10FBC23A6F84FA9C4161
  • SHA-256: B7FFF97F34D7142765685C6505AD54285CFD7E847E6943BC53E432C4F25FA49C




User Review Information

unfair dissapointing (designer is 13y.o.)

Reviewed By: knkn on 02 Sep 2020

short explanetion of added level: image design: cool black + cool orange, only cool colours, cool spiders, cool bats, i cant figure out what was wrong with in-game enemies enemies: all have doubled-tripled health - “HARDCORE!!!”, you cant pass without taking damage, you never have to think or understand what to do - all enemies have 100ms window to get hit, so save,load,die,load,die,load,die,load,move,save

level: most jumps pixel precision

boss battle: 20-30 hits by low jump we used at the beginning against round-ducks, also boss havent any patterns - so if he desided to jump to you, you get hit, so you cant miss your glitch shots, pixel precision jump over spikes, and hope that he make random jump to you not more then 3 times

also he corrupted ROM so much that you ever cant use level editor to fix this moder not understand conception of game, level design, it is just hate letter to players

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
It used to be good...JustSearchingForGoodHacks18 Jul 20211.0No
Worthy final test as long as you have decent skillsArtemis27 Mar 20211.0Yes
Good addition, but hardcorediablo66617 Oct 20201.0No
A Great Concept With Overly Malicious ExecutionCasualChris06 Sep 20201.0No
unfair dissapointing (designer is 13y.o.)knkn02 Sep 20201.0No