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Pac-Mania arcade style tiles/sprites/colors

Hack of Pac-Mania


Pac-Mania was ported to many systems. Early ports like the one to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive where visually quite different from the original version. This hack aims to change that:

  • arcade sprites have been converted to fit into the systems colorspace
  • backgrounds have been redrawn to looks closer to the arcade version
  • colors have been improved, giving the game a brighter, more saturated and friendlier look

Please note: the PAl release is the same NTSC-U ROM file with just different labeling. The IPS patch works thus works with both region versions.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country: USA
  • Pac-Mania (U) [!].bin (GoodGen 2016-01-31)
  • CRC-32 74BBA09B
  • SHA-1 E21546F653607D95F2747305703DDD6BF118F90A
  • SHA-256 89CDA8498FD4C80B6C8A509FE38D03004EE5CC3102545A572FF7564E3B8FF9C7
  • MD-5 2256F31FF48F93A5E2F1D03F13C0F024




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User Review Information


Reviewed By: TRIFORCE89 on 09 Aug 2020

The original arcade release (found in numerous Namco Museums and Pac-Man collections) moves too slow and the viewport is too narrow. Tengen, with their Genesis port, fixed the latter issues and added an optional “Pac-Boost” feature for the former. Plus some difficulty settings thrown in. Would have been a solid console port.

However, it looked absolutely atrocious.

Pac-Mania is known for its distinctive “3D” isometric look. And while the original Genesis port is still isometric, the artwork was all redrawn and resembles a cartoon. It looks almost like dummy assets they meant to replace later and didn’t. Just bad.

This hack gives the Genesis port a makeover. It isn’t 100% identical to the arcade original. But it is pretty dang close. It is really impressive and looks professional (save for one giant ghost in a cutscene that doesn’t look like it was revised). Combined with Tengen’s quality of life improvements, this is now a version of Pac-Mania that’s enjoyable and worth playing.

Version 1.00 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
EssentialTRIFORCE8909 Aug 20201.00Yes
Much Improved VisualsFreightMan7122 Dec 20171.00Yes
Pacmania on Genesis now looks just like the original arcade version!thepatrickinator05 Dec 20161.00Yes