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Source Code


C++ library for table reading, dumping, and insertion. Functional samples with source included.


User Review Information

Solid, Smart, and Reliable

Reviewed By: Nightcrawler on 22 Jan 2010

This library is a valuable piece of source code for any budding, do-it-yourself, utility-creating ROM hacker! This is one of the few source code libraries I’ve seen from the ROM hacking community that impresses me. It’s a solid, smart, and reliable library.

It’s a solid library. It fully encompasses table handling and everything you need to do some real dumping and inserting. It’s great to see some source code from the community that is complete and real world usable. No incomplete, partial, unfinished work that doesn’t check for errors or anything like that. In fact, it even includes an example working dumper and inserter source code using the library! You can’t get much better than that!

It’s smart. The design choices made for this library are smart and efficient. C++ STL vector is used wherever possible and memory management is always a consideration. C++ STL map is used for the main table work. This is basically a text hash dictionary and one of the most efficient ways I know of do this kind of table work. In fact, in independent efforts to write my own personal C# library, the best thing I came up with there was Dictionary generic class which is basically a C# equivalent. I was pleased to see what Klarth did was very similar to my own ideals. Lastly, it’s robust. It checks, handles, and manages errors. Every program should do this, but in a world of mostly hobbyist learn it yourself programmers, we don’t see it often in the ROM hacking community.

It’s reliable. It’s used in Atlas and Cartogropher, the current (2010) ’standards’ for dumping and inserting in the ROM hacking community. It’s gotten quite a bit of use over the past few years and has been proven to be a reliable piece of code. I don’t recall hearing of many bugs in either program relating to the table library.

If you’re a C++ guy, save yourself some time and use this library. It’s ready for the real deal!

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Solid, Smart, and ReliableNightcrawler22 Jan 2010N/AYes