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DKC Mania

Hack of Donkey Kong Country


DKC Mania is a hack that aims to mix some old and new together much like the game that inspired this hack Sonic Mania. Some new levels and ideas are remixed with some reimaginings of levels from DK’s handheld past. The patch also has many new color schemes for enemies and levels.

To patch use a (U) 1.0 headerless rom and use either Beat or Flips.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Platform Super NES
  • ROM format SNES rom image
  • External Header No
  • File Size 4194304 (400000)
  • ROM Size 4194304 (400000)
  • ROM CRC32 C946DCA0
  • ROM SHA-1 0FCEE45D9AF5D2F62995ED4B04D22146B906C86B
  • No-Intro entry Donkey Kong Country (USA)
  • Checksum valid Yes




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Very Well Executed

Reviewed By: guitarpalooz on 02 Aug 2020

I had a great time playing this hack. This isn’t meant to be a total level overhaul or anything like that, but instead it pulls from the original DKC and newer games to give a solid experience. The challenge is a slight step up from the original but never feels unfair or unplanned.

I’ve beaten the original DKC many times, but it has been awhile. While playing this, there are many instances where I couldn’t tell you I wasn’t playing the original game, and a few where the game steps just beyond the original’s scope. It FEELS like a true DKC game, which seems to be exactly what the goal was here.

Highly recommend.

Version 2.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Polished and professional; Well worth your timeSosuko03 Aug 20202.0Yes
Very Well Executedguitarpalooz02 Aug 20202.0Yes