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Editroid is a Metroid level editor that allows you to edit map and room layout, palettes, item locations, and much more. Editroid can also expand a ROM to accommodate larger and more detailed maps and even animated background tiles.

For more advanced users, Editroid includes a built-in assembler for both general purpose ASM hacks as well as screen-load routines that can modify the behavior of rooms in ways that simple data editing can’t. Version 3.7 allows you to add multiple ASM files to better organize more complex projects.

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User Review Information

Very good editor.

Reviewed By: gravitygoesup1 on 26 Jul 2020

As I am someone who does not understand NES assembly language whatsoever, Editroid makes it so much easier to make Nestroid hacks. I am currently working on a project and it has been a long process but the editor gets it done. The interface is intuitive and makes it really easy to erase the map and start from scratch. I highly recommend expanding the rom so you can create as many unique rooms as you want, because the original game size doesn’t allow for much room. The editor is powerful and lets you basically make whatever kind of game you want.

Some new tools/stuff I recommend implementing in the next version(s) are:

  • graphics editor inside the editor
  • custom music and sound effects file import
  • more modern interface design and not like windows XP
  • easier way to generate password tracking data
  • *title screen editor* (I REALLY want this)

That’s all I can say. It’s a great editor, but has room for major improvements as well. I hope to see what snarf can do with this in the future!

Version 3.7 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Very good editor.gravitygoesup126 Jul 20203.7Yes
The creative freedom granted by Editroid is vastGrimlock20 May 20153.7Yes
The best editor for Metroid ever made!mrrichard99926 Jul 2014N/AYes