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Street Fighter 2 Remastered Edition

Hack of Street Fighter II': Special Champion Edition


Street Fighter II Remastered is a project that has been in production since 2016 as a laboratory to test various possible solutions to solve part of the problems of this game and other titles on this platform.

Everything related to art and presentation has been redone, all resources have been used intelligently to extract the potential of the console.

It is also not a port restricted to the original work, Street Fighter 2 has always been updated in arcades and ports. So part of the job was to revise the game with modern elements present in the SF series itself to give an updated look to the game.


  • New HUD.
  • New text/fonts.
  • Player select map updated.
  • Player mini-portraits updated with more shading and details.
  • Blanka Mini portrait was changed to arcade version.
  • All regular portraits was updated with more colors and details.
  • Balrog References to Mike Tyson have been restored, including new colors based on this era of the fighter.
  • Bison portrait restored like the arcade.
  • All animation frames have been revised gaining more movement and restoring omitted details.
  • All characters have gained a new alternative color in the turbo version.
  • Chun Li won a new Kikoken animation and sprites.
  • Guile Sonic Boom has been updated and is closer to the SSF version.
  • All scenarios have been redone with new art, more objects, animation and more simultaneous colors on screen.
  • All endings have been revised and are much closer to the arcade.


  • Bug Fix for turbo M. Bison’s Light Psycho Crusher (makes Light Psycho Crusher chip twice on block)
  • Fix incorrect charge time (too high) assigned to Turbo Guile’s Sonic Boom
  • Fix incorrect damage value (too high) assigned to Dhalsim’s Yoga Noogie Grab


  • Console censorship removed

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Street Fighter II' - Special Champion Edition (U) [f1]
  • Database: No-Intro: Genesis (v. 20180824-045026)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 819877A03FFA75AA9905E30346E2834ECE94AA1D
  • File/ROM CRC32: 90FE09AE




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
BaroneScript Editing/RevisionCode + Bug Fix
tryphonScript Editing/RevisionCode + Bug Fix
SCDScript Editing/RevisionText + Moves Timining

User Review Information

you can tell this guy loves street fighter!!

Reviewed By: jodafro619 on 19 Jul 2020

this is perhaps THE best hack for street fighter 2 sce ever. the one minor blemish on this is the life bar not matching the damage to a very small degree. in other words there is some red on the bar that doesn’t go away, even after the final blow has been dealt. but like i said, small potatoes to what this hack offers! the colors are very vibrant. the characters have their super turbo colors!! the life bar and fonts got a very fresh new look. we’re also again treated to the sound being fixed. so it’s just this big combo of awesomeness in this hack. okay, i said enough. download it NOW!!! stop reading , go get it !!!!

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Astonishing improvement.Electric_Lizard21 Apr 20211.0Yes
Essential and usefulMeaningful02 Sep 20201.0Yes
Needless and PointlessNihilus14 Aug 20201.0No
A great enhancement. Finally the REAL SFII on GEnesisscorpion2330 Jul 20201.0Yes
An excellent enhancement!BulkSlash21 Jul 20201.0Yes
This time, done right!!!danielmewhouse21 Jul 20201.0Yes
Makes the SNES version feel inadequateRed Soul19 Jul 20201.0Yes
you can tell this guy loves street fighter!!jodafro61919 Jul 20201.0Yes
Finally!!!Pethronos19 Jul 20201.0Yes