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SoE - 2 Player Edition

Hack of Secret of Evermore


Secret of Evermore… like many people back in the SNES days, when I tried this game out I was expecting a game of the same caliber as Secret of Mana. And like many, I was rather disappointed. But the one major thing that really irked me about the game was the lack of 2 player support. I mean really, if you’re going to give it a name similar to SoM, and you’re going to use the same battle system, and the same ring menu system, and use the same method of switching the character you’re in control of using Select, then why in the world would you stop there and not make it multiplayer like SoM!?

Anyway, fast forward to the end of 2003. I was trying to choose a multiplayer console RPG Zero-G and I could play together, when I remembered SoE and its annoying lack of 2 player support. It then occured to me that if it still bothered me so much, why not just do something about it?

So I did. -_^

And this patch is the result. Now you can finally have a proper 2 player game of Secret of Evermore! You can hit start on the first or second controller to enter/withdraw from the game, and either player can control either character, just like in SoM. There’s even a controller indicator number that will appear beside the character you’re in control of.

UPDATE 1.02: Fixed a minor issue with the question asking if you wanted to return to the space station, where it always thought the dog was the one that initiated the action so the player controlling the dog was always the one that had to answer.

Tested on Secret of Evermore Gameplay Balance Patch and it works fine.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Secret of Evermore (USA) - NOINTO
  • CRC32: A5C0045E
  • MD5: 6E9C94511D04FAC6E0A1E582C170BE3A
  • SHA-1: 79E7738630FFF5699217EF58ECC421BC8FCBCD89
  • SHA-256: 17C864A76D498FEB6479EEE8E7D6807B951C66225033228622BB66754BAAB1DB




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User Review Information

A good hack, half the fun was beating the bugs.

Reviewed By: icetwister1999 on 19 Jun 2020

Most the bugs do not happen if you play 2 player at the bosses only. b act 1 does not have my bugs, but make sure you get speed skill as you can’t go back and get it later.

act 2 bridge dog jump bug. Exit screen playing game with only 1 player then switch to Dog. reenter go to bridge you might have to press a button, then dog should then jump. Make sure you get 2 wings to exit the next dungeons after jumping bridge with dog, should be able to buy them at next camp. One dungeon we only got out of because of wings item. The pyramid once you get axe use your wings to get out, then go to camp and get exit skill. Once you go back to the pyramid the new axe you got should be able to break the walls. You can skip geting the exit skill and go right back in after wings, if you do not want to be careful.

Act 3 theres a bug that if you kill the monsters in a wrong order you can’t get to exit the cave passage. If I remember right you had to kill the first monster at the start then the last monster at the exit you had to kill last. Make sure you do not save if you run into that bug and try again at the last save.

Act 4 the space act you might have more bugs playing 2 player because of how much you have to switch from dog to man. Again we had no problems because we used 2 player at bosses only.

a good mod the challenge to beat the bugs was fun.

Version 1.02 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A good hack, half the fun was beating the bugs.icetwister199919 Jun 20201.02Yes
Nice, but has some major bugs.TheZunar12328 May 2013N/AYes