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Rockman 6: Unique Harassment

Hack of Mega Man 6


This is a complete level hack of Rockman 6 for the NES. Apply the patch to the Rockman 6 ROM (Japanese version), not for Mega Man 6 ROM (USA version).


  • New levels
  • Features Robot Masters (and other enemy robots) from other Rockman games
  • New Robot Master attack patters
  • New Weapons
  • “New” BGM
  • Weapon and Adaptor switch function
  • Other QoL hacks included (check readme for details)

Note: v1.2 - 06/14/2020

  • Patch this to a clean Rockman 6 ROM. Not meant to reapply over the old pre-patched ROM.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Rockman 6 - Shijou Saidai no Tatakai!! (Japan)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20180803-121122)
  • File SHA-1: 316BEA6B2AEF7E5ECDE995EAB4AD99DB78F85C34
  • File CRC32: AB1D7979
  • ROM SHA-1: 47336976A531FAB2592AF636A630A290EB036D18
  • ROM CRC32: 2D664D99




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

People who don't recommend this game because of its difficulty need a reality check

Reviewed By: VintageDavis on 17 Jun 2020

This is without a doubt one of the best MM ROM hacks out there. It’s a real shame that the MM ROM hacking community has slowed down with the hacks significantly in the last couple of years, and I’m really glad that hacks like this pop up from time to time.

The game is not as difficult as people say (though I remember a Gray Zone review where someone said that you are a god if you beat Air Man’s stage, so yeah the reviews tend to be all over the place). The stages are quite simple, only Chill Man’s stage, and one of Mr. X’s stages gave me a hard time. I had 9 lives for the most part.

The bosses are great. The fact that they have two health bars does not mean that the game is ridiculously difficult or unfair (just look at the Zero series), especially when you get a health refill after getting through the first phase. Not to mention that after every Wily form defeated you get a Yashichi. AND, you get loads of E-tanks throughout the entire game. Also, the bosses can be brute forced with their weaknesses (so can the bosses in Yendor Code, yet some reviews claim that the bosses are impossible in that game, again, reviews are all over the place). This game also has some of the most unique bosses in MM ROM hacks ever, like the RPG boss (though this one kinda sucks if you don’t know Japanese, I could not tell what attacks were about to be performed by the boss). I also really liked the MM Unlimitedesque boss rush gauntlet (or Rockman & Forte as well, I guess).

This might be my new favorite Rockman 6 ROM hack, as Skype/Spirits of Hackers will be finished in approximately 859 years, and it also might be in my top 5 or maybe even top 3 favorite MM ROM hacks, Install Metal remains first for now. I strongly recommend this ROM hack.

Difficulty wise, I’d say it’s about 5-6/10 normally (you can really abuse Jewel Origin, Tomahawk Assist, and *insert Pharaoh Man’s weapon name here* to brute force the stages, and weaknesses to brute force the bosses), and probably a 8-10/10 when doing Buster Only (I haven’t tried BO yet, so I don’t really know).

P.S. I did not use any save states during my playthrough. I also don’t understand people who review these hacks and as soon as a ROM hack is even mildly challenging they are like: “impossible, gotta use save states.” Like, come on people.

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Technical masterpiece. Just a few issuesSosuko11 Sep 20211.2Yes
Massively improved with the patchRendood24 Jun 20211.2Yes
People who don't recommend this game because of its difficulty need a reality checkVintageDavis17 Jun 20201.1Yes
Too difficult to enjoyKevvyLava06 Jun 20201.0No
Something that has two faces. How strange is this?diablo66626 Dec 20201.0-1.2Yes
Lives Up to the Name – I Feel Uniquely-HarassedJosephine Lithius02 Jun 20201.0No
Everything great but difficultyYave02 Jun 20201.0Yes
Nice hack, but...gustavocomvoce19 Jun 20201.1Yes
A stunning hack, now better balanced than at firstcschifani05 Jun 20201.1Yes
Insane (but awesome) bosses, fans of Basic Master will be pleasedNARFNra01 Jun 20201.0Yes