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Castlevania 3 Gold Edition

Hack of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse


The story is the same. The stages are different with new palettes. The difficulty is high similar to the original, but the secrets around the game may help you to continue. Enjoy!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Orginal:
  • Rom Name: Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse (U) [!].nes (or what you named it)
  • CRC-32: c11cb292
  • MD4: f70e2f663e0731dbc6003682c38407a5
  • MD5: 2e2b76a4946e4f15aa087af8adcb38b1
  • SHA-1: a23849136a5501b96e6b1f1e9f7e2f212cd28ffd
  • Patched:
  • File: Castlevania 3 Gold Edition.nes (or what you named it)
  • CRC-32: 0b691f93
  • MD4: e558ccfd97b7dfdf848d2a36ddfb925c
  • MD5: 391efd14c5b14a843bf72f7165fd1955
  • SHA-1: e5ebb03b03ef6f1bba9f61ca4d0cba05bb22bc1f




User Review Information


Reviewed By: VanDam on 13 Jun 2020

This is the greatest. Castlevania 3 for NES is my favorite game of all time. This hack looks and feels like castlevania 3 but all levels look completely different with perfect color choices making it feel like a Castlevania 3 part 2. This game is close to perfect in my opinion. So many small details Have been changed everywhere, Totally new level designs and enemy placements, enemies looks changed, everything felt new. It’s obvious that a lot of hard work went into this and someone took the time to make this special and I feel so lucky to get to play it. This is like a completely new game and it’s so amazing. In my opinion the way of Syfa is a little harder than the original and the way of Alucard is Definitely easier than the original. But you get 7 lives per continue so this game might even be a bit easier to complete than the original. This one doesn’t have just a ridiculous amount of annoying flying enemies throughout the entire game which is nice. I enjoy the flying enemies when they are only in certain parts of each level but not when hackers add tons of them everywhere in the whole thing. This game had many new interested things that made some levels harder with where enemies were placed. I enjoyed every minute of it. At this time this is my favorite Castlevania hack and I’ve played about 40 of them. It had me saying “wow” and “this is great” over and over again. Bosses difficulty was similar to the original but fighting the bosses felt just a little different because of design with the placement of blocks being different. Everywhere you go in this game things have been changed and in a good way that makes it more fun unlike so many other hacks that change things in a bad way. It’s like this hacker put their own little twist on everything and it’s all great. If you like Castlevania 3 then I am pretty sure that you will like this. Castlevania 3 hacks are extremely rare and I haven’t found any others that change the game completely like this one. As far as I know there is nothing else like this. This is my new favorite hack. A must play for any Castlevania 3 fan. This is the best of the best I wish there were more like it.

Version 3.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
THE GREATESTVanDam13 Jun 20203.0Yes