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Super Mario All Stars NES

Hack of Super Mario Bros. 3


Here is a hack which combines:

  • Mario Bros.,
  • Super Mario Bros.,
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 JPN (The Lost Levels),
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 USA, and
  • Super Mario Bros. 3.

Also added into this hack is the ability to use SRAM to save your games and to save your top score in Mario Bros.

This game is using Mapper 005 (MMC5) and it uses 1MB/1024kb’s of PRG-ROM, & 1MB/1024kb’s of CHR-ROM. Except for Super Mario Bros, all the other Mario games are converted to MMC5 as well.

Note: An MMC5-capable emulator is required, otherwise the graphics will be a garbled mess.

To access Mario Bros, on the game select screen, hold A and press Up on Super Mario Bros.


— 1: SMB1 & SMB2 JPN ;redid the lives counter so that when you have over 9 lives, it displays your correct amount. However, once you pass 99 lives, (62-FF hex) it is hard coded to always say 99 lives.

2: SMB2 USA ;fixed error where the game does not reset the lives counter, after a game over with a saved file.

3: SMBAS-INTRO ;fixed correct release year for SMBAS-NES, it was 2015.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • File: Super Mario Bros. 3 (U) (PRG1) [!].nes
  • Length: 393232 Bytes (3 Mbit)
  • CRC32: 0B742B33
  • MD5: 86D1982F EA7342C0 AF9679DD F3869D8D
  • SHA1: 6BD518E8 5EB46A42 52AF0791 0F61036E 84B020D1




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Very Good Hack...Mostly

Reviewed By: William5000000 on 01 Jun 2020

Okay, I checked out this hack to see if everything was true to the original “Super Mario All-Stars”, as well as the classic versions. Most of them are faithful to both. However, I noticed a few differences.

For “Super Mario Bros.” and “Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels”, Lakitu throws Spinies at random places, like he does in “Super Mario Bros. 3″. Perhaps it is a coding issue. Not a huge deal, but definitely not for speedrunners because of that. Also, at the end of World 1-2 in “Super Mario Bros.”, when going for the wall clip glitch and taking the first warp pipe, it just goes to the minus world, not from the Famicom Disk System. That would have been nice to add from the Famicom Disk System. Perhaps it is not possible to implement.

For “Super Mario Bros. 2″, everything is faithful to the original. However, I have heard that there are problems of this game working correctly on actual hardware, particularly the CRT version, where the player is sometimes unable to proceed past World 1-3 due to it looping, as well as the saving problem at certain levels, such as World 6-1. This needs to be fixed if that is the case.

For “Super Mario Bros. 3″, everything is faithful to the original. However, I do wish the text for the match game and the ending showing the names of every world was from the original “Super Mario All-Stars”. That one uses the PRG0 version. Possibly the most infamous quote typo ‘Miss twice and your out!’ is what I am used to. As for the world names, I find the PRG0 version more interesting than the PRG1 version. Perhaps another revision can be made on that so people can choose what they prefer.

For the arcade “Mario Bros.”, controls are improved, and the high score saves. Much more enjoyable overall.

Now for the file save system… Saving works as expected. However, when finishing any of the “Mario” games, there is no true world/level select. It does not work exactly like the original “Super Mario All-Stars”, where finishing a “Mario” game grants a world/level select. Even in “Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels”, when the player finishes that game as either Mario or Luigi and the player saves afterwards, he/she is stuck playing as either Mario or Luigi on that save file. Perhaps in the future, that can change.

Oh, and one more thing. In the “All-Stars” version of “Super Mario Bros.” and “Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels”, high score could be erased by doing a certain button combination. But in this version, that is not really possible on a file that is saved. Perhaps that can be implemented in the future.

Overall, very good hack…except for “Super Mario Bros. 2″, regarding the problems on actual hardware. Here is hoping for more improvements in the future.

Version 10-15-2017 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Very Good Hack...MostlyWilliam500000001 Jun 202010-15-2017Yes
Problems on real hardwarechigimonky27 Apr 202010-15-2017No
Simply admirable and glorious masterpieceIrus24 Sep 201910-15-2017Yes
Damn this is cool as hell!Kippykip09 Apr 201910-15-2017Yes
Can't believe my eyesszemigi02 Oct 201810-15-2017Yes
Amazingelmontro4201 Oct 201810-15-2017Yes
A good compilation for anyone who likes the charm of NES games.UltraSUPRA23 Jun 201810-15-2017Yes
Excellent gameVallenatero201506 Mar 201810-15-2017Yes
Love it, but..budd_mann_7903 Jun 20175-2-2017Yes
Great compilationAnimation Guru07 Mar 20173-4-2017Yes
Convenience, But To What End?Josephine Lithius20 Jul 2015Take 5No
ExcellentEmployee09 Jun 2015Take 5Yes
Hug your pets and rejoice!Bobolicious8102 Jun 2015Take 5Yes
Very Convenientyoyotheyoshi27 May 2015Release TaYes