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Secret of Evermore Gameplay Balance Patch

Hack of Secret of Evermore


This patch has one main objective, and is making the game much more enjoyable on the gameplay side. Loads of tweaks to avoid mass grinding and to have a fairly challenging game in front of us in every moment.

This patch is made on IPS format. The patch include several changes, from monster stats to a shared weapon and spell script to make powering those much more easy.

Tested on the SoE 2 Player Edition hack and it works fine.

The 1.1 version enhance previous balance mechanics solving some minor bugs, modify boss magic power, an alchemy overhaul, covers most common exploits, adds a few extra monsters on the latter part of the game (one completely new) and solve a few known bugs.

For author insert routines and news visit site.

UPDATE: New version also for Spanish version, and hard mode for both United States and Spanish versions.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • IPS versions compatible with Spanish and United states version of the game. Compatible for both headered and non-headered roms. Compatible multiplayer third party patch (not supporting this combination though).
  • Secret of Evermore US (Original Version):
  • Checksum: CC3D
  • Headered ROM MD5: 64F5639BCC46A2393E170E222A0D046
  • Unheadered ROM MD5: 6E9C94511D04FAC6E0A1E582C170BE3A
  • Secret of Evermore ES (Original Version):
  • Checksum: 7813
  • Headered ROM MD5: 8CE4F4EC4D234CF751D97797BBA00DE2
  • Unheadered ROM MD5: F6516A3B18C262EC00CD4348921C3897




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

How I feel it should have been (Rebalance only!)

Reviewed By: jm102887 on 24 May 2020

So just to clarify to everyone, I only used the patch to rebalance experience gain and such. I didn’t use the secondary patch that made the game harder.

Okay, so with that out of the way, I think this is a major leap forward with regards to playing SoE and without making the game too easy.

THE CHANGE: So what does the rebalancing change? Two things, actually. For your weapons, experience is given to the class of a weapon, not an individual one. For example, when using the Bone Crusher, you also gain experience for the Gladiator Sword, Crusader Sword, and Neutron Blade, although each one gains a fraction of the Bone Crusher’s overall experience. When you acquire later weapons, you’ll find they’ve already had some headway in their experience levels, requiring you to grind FAR less to use them. While this does mean you still need to grind to have good weaponry, this makes the later weapons significantly more accessible since it means you don’t have to kill 200 enemies or so with each weapon to level them up to max. As a result, weapons late in the game, like the Neutron Blade, Atom Smasher, and Laser Lance especially, are more usable right out of the box so to speak if you used the previous tiers plenty beforehand.

The second change is to the alchemy system. All of the alchemy spells have been split up into various categories, similar to the weapons, and experience gained for one spell is shared by all in its category. Casting Defend, for example, will buff up the later Status Buff spells like Speed to have more experience and such as well. This was a great idea and one that should have been implemented in the base game since later spells, while visually pretty cool and all, suffered from all starting at lvl 0 while your starting spells could already be maxed out by the time you got them.

THE EFFECT: The effect this has on the game is that SoE becomes significantly less grindy. There’s still plenty of it, but it feels infinitely more rewarding when you realize that strengthening your skill with one weapon or spell only increases the potency of later weapons/spells you acquire down the road, and in turn makes the player appreciate the effort to obtain some of the more hidden ones (Fire Power turned out to be one of my favorite spells by the time I got it since my Elemental Alchemy was pretty powerful by then. I normally never used it originally) To put it plainly, the game already had plenty to find and discover, especially with the alchemy system, and this patch only makes the magic significantly more user friendly when it’s the hero’s primary perk.

MY RATING: 8/10 I’d almost hazard to say that this is a very necessary patch to PROPERLY enjoy this game at its fullest potential. Sharing experience among weapon and spell classes is an impressively implemented idea that should have been in the game from the start. My play-through using this rebalance actually had me enjoy the game far more than I ever have, and I found myself using spells I normally shelved upon acquiring since I had no use for new lvl 0 spells. However, I have noticed other people make recommendations AGAINST the patch that changes the difficulty, so that’s really the only reason I give this an 8; I didn’t use the full package here, just one part of it, and it kept the game manageable and fun for me, yet in a way that kinda defeats the purpose of downloading the whole thing, doesn’t it? So in my opinion? Just patch the game to rebalance how experience is allocated and leave the other patch alone unless you’re curious, and considering other reviewers remarked on severe bugs, I’d hesitate to recommend it myself.

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
How I feel it should have been (Rebalance only!)jm10288724 May 20201.1Yes
Nice but includes game breaking bugAdarkar29 Jun 20191.1No
Good idea, but unfortunately the bosses are ridiculously hardBregalad04 Aug 20151.1No
The Good and the Badmagictrufflez01 May 20151.1Yes
Improves upon the original gametking7779810 Oct 2010N/AYes