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Title Screen Hacking Made Easy

Graphics Hacking


An interesting document detailing a method for finding and editing title screen map data.


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Incredibly Helpful

Reviewed By: Killa B on 23 Dec 2008

The method illustrated in this guide works, and that’s really the most important thing about it. A while ago I did a titlescreen hack, and this guide was a great help. Everything is explained fully, so there aren’t any little gaps that you need to fill in with your imagination.

One note, though: the title of the document might be a bit misleading. It does make the process very straightforward, and the explanation is certainly easy to follow. However, I wouldn’t consider using it to hack titlescreens “easy”, by definition. You still might get some terrible headaches, especially when drawing up all those little numbers.

Another word of advice: when I was hacking Final Fantasy Legend’s titlescreen, I couldn’t get the relative search function to work in any hex editor I tried. Eventually I managed it with the help of the Relative Searcher.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Incredibly HelpfulKilla B23 Dec 2008N/AYes