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Super Mario World: Just Keef Edition

Hack of Super Mario World


Bensalot AKA Just Keef Presents

Super Mario World Just Keef Edition

It’s the classic game with updated graphics,additional enemies and Dinosaurs, new tricks traps and paths, updated mechanics, and all new surprises along the way. Mario and the gang have decided to take a break from adventuring only to find that there is yet another adventure to be had! It’s the same old story, Bowser kidnaps the Princess blah blah blah.

This is a re-imagining of the original game with sort of a Lucas twist. Now Dinosaur Land actually has a wide variety of Dinosaurs, Luigi is his own man and not just a color swap of his brother, Toad joins the adventure with tips and useful item stops, all new original levels, and much much more! Feel like reliving the fun of Super Mario World with some added challenge? Give this hack a whirl. It’s a BLAST FROM THE PAST!

NOTE: There are 2 different versions of this patch. There is the main game with 2 players. Player 1 and Player 2 are both controlled with 1 controller so that the game can be played 2 player on mobile devices or just to use both Mario Bros. The second patch is the same game with the ability to select Mario or Luigi from the start menu. This patch will only allow for one player. Also, when I submitted 1.2 the changes only took effect in the main patch so this has been corrected.

Version 5.5

  • Fixed spawning issues in Bronto Plains 1 and Crystal Caverns 4

Version 5.4

  • Fixed some graphic mistakes. The H in “Continue Without Saving” was the wrong palette when Luigi brings up the menu. Buttons while swimming were also wrong palette. Fixed midway points to display correct graphics.
  • Added something a little extra to Dorrie Lagoon 2. People seemed to think the last 2 dragon coins were left out of the game.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Mario World (U) [!].smc
  • MD5: cdd3c8c37322978ca8669b34bc89c804
  • SHA1: 6b47bb75d16514b6a476aa0c73a683a2a4c18765
  • CRC32: b19ed489
  • 524288 bytes




User Review Information

Very nice hack

Reviewed By: isoacc on 22 May 2020

I just recently “finished” (I didn’t get all the star road, paths or Yoshi coins. More about the reason for that later.) this well crafted hack of SMW. I really enjoyed most of it and I like the new dinos. They fit the style of the original and add a lot of flavor to the stages and world. The new features are also nice. I like the addition of Toads instead of just boring help boxes. The things they say are quite funny sometimes, but still informational about the stage or new tricks. Really well done in those departments.

However, there are some rough edges and problems with the difficulty scaling that keep it from feeling like it is a true successor to SMW. First off, this hack will be devilishly hard sometimes. Those new dinos? They are there 80% of the time to annoy you on top of the regular enemies. The Forest of Illusion was a big offender here. Thank goodness it’s still easy to farm 1UPs. You will need them for some stages/areas as I died quite a bit sometimes. This kept me from wanting to play more after I beat it. It’s simply my preference, but I’m not into beating my head against a stage for almost an hour again and again. The new mechanics did help me push through though.

I’m not a super pro Mario player so take that as you will. However, don’t go into this hack thinking it only be a little harder or equal to SMW’s difficulty. Bowser’s Neon Castle will make you want to rip your hair out sometimes. I honestly about quit the game at the Nothorton mini-boss when he would ABSOLUTELY NOT shoot out turtle shells anywhere besides into the walls and I ran out of time more than once.

As for bugs, they are minor. I had a few times where jumping enemies would still hit me even though I was on top of them and they happened to jump up. Clipped through a few platforms or jiggled off the edge. (Mostly the leaves in Forest of Illusion.) The game would freeze for a couple of secs when the text came up after defeating a castle. Also when Bowser would fly on and off the screen in the final fight.

Otherwise, I enjoyed the playthrough. Felt good to finally beat after almost a week of playing. There is plenty of variety and new challenges in this hack. Don’t go into this hack expecting a slightly improved SMW as there many changes most are great and some, depending on your playstyle, not so good. Try it out!

Version 5.5 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Very nice hackisoacc22 May 20205.5Yes
A title not very educatededwinmusic21 Feb 20205.1No
Amazing... but still buggyrafsilva198328 Jan 20205.0Yes
Download This, NOW!!Rubes Cubes01 Nov 20192.9Yes
The name almost kills it... but it's still great.ifightdragons08 Dec 20192.2Yes
Same SMW, with lovely new content sprinkled-inUberdubie20 Aug 20191.0Yes
Neat Idea, Minor BugsG30FF17 Aug 20191.0Yes
If Anything Lucas Should be Taking NotesXModxGodX17 Aug 20191.0Yes