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Dragon Warrior II General Improvement

Hack of Dragon Warrior II


The purpose of this hack is to mitigate many of the flaws of Dragon Warrior II in order to create an overall play experience more similar to that of its NES sequels.

Major changes include: gold and experience point winnings in battle are increased, mini-bosses are now more challenging, shops and treasure chests are adjusted, late-game equipment is buffed, new names are used for the Prince of Cannock and Princess of Moonbrooke, and more. However, the script and events are unchanged.

Please see the readme for details. And thank you to everyone who tries this hack!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Filename Dragon Warrior II (USA)
  • File MD5 3AEF63A01D6F57E3BF2C865A1D919D13
  • File SHA-1 F464C7045A489A248686E92164FDE2903CFD013E
  • File CRC32 E9F5BE99
  • ROM MD5 CCDB4563C9004D862DCF3A98C7937C22
  • ROM SHA-1 191A131E7E27E121D094CC412FED87C708147B2C
  • ROM CRC32 8C5A784E




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User Review Information

A great hack over all, especially for new players

Reviewed By: zhitnik on 30 Apr 2020

This has always been one of my favorite Dragon Warrior games. I was a teenager when this game released, and I fell in love with the difficulty of the game. You really had to invest time grinding levels and managing resources to get through the towers and dungeons. Having a notebook to map the later dungeons was practically a must as well. Well, now as an older man with less time on my hands, I decided to do a playthrough of this hack.

This hack is very well done. The flow of the early game (one of the worst parts of the original in my opinion) is vastly improved with the extra experience and gold. I was at Lianport grabbing the ship in record time. I also like that the experience from the endgame monsters wasn’t altered too much. The endgame should be a bit of a grind in my opinion.

I generally liked the armor buffs. Clothes hiding and magic armor are definitely more useful and the companions feel considerably less fragile. The buff to magic armor was especially nice, since it is the PoC’s final armor (not counting the overpriced mink coat), and always seemed substandard compared to the other 2 characters.

I’m a huge fan of the change allowing the PoC to equip the sword of erdrick. The sword was basically useless in the original game, being practically equivalent to the giant hammer (available for 4000 at tantegel castle), and surpassed by the dragon killer soon after. However, I think allowing the PoC to equip the light sword makes him a bit TOO powerful in the late game. Having the sword of erdrick be his final weapon seems fitting thematically, and he would still have access to the falcon sword in the end game as a second option.

My final and biggest gripe is the availability of wizard’s rings throughout the game’s treasure chests. I understand the need for putting more useful items in chests, but in my opinion, part of what makes old dragon warrior games great is careful resource management. Having items readily available that refill your MP takes away a lot of that tension. I always liked crawling out of the cave to rhone with one character alive and completely depleted resources.

Anyway overall, this hack fixes a lot of the early to midgame issues that the original had, while making the late/endgame considerably easier. I appreciate the work put into this hack, and recommend it overall.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A great hack over all, especially for new playerszhitnik30 Apr 20201.0Yes
Good but could have lessened the encounter rateYX-029 Apr 20191.0Yes
Exactly the fix this game needed!tog26 Jun 20171.0Yes