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Mega Man X3 PSOne PAL to NTSC

Hack of Mega Man X3


This patch converts Mega Man X3 for the Playstation from PAL to NTSC. The game moves 20% faster because of the change from 50hz to 60hz, but the SNES version of the game also have this speed difference. It is very likely that the game wasn’t released in the US because of the no 2D games policy Sony of America had at the time.

The TitleID was changed from SLES-00503 to SLUS-00353, that TitleID isn’t used by any other game. Included 2 edited covers, one using the Japanese/European Playstation cover art and the other using the USA SNES cover art.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Name: Mega Man X3 (Europe) (Track 01).bin (ReDump)
  • Size: 236065536 bytes (225 MB)
  • CRC32: 9110886c



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ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Works well, very minor bug

Reviewed By: G30FF on 24 Jun 2020

Patching requires using XDelta3 in order to get it to work correctly. Using regular XDelta (for example using MultiPatch for MacOS) reports checksum errors, even when using a BIN that matches the listed CRC.

The game works correctly, however some copyright cards do not appear, or are glitchy when they do appear. This is not game-breaking in any way. I’ve encountered this on lr-pcsx-rearmed, and on Mednafen. That does not stop me from recommending this.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Works well, very minor bugG30FF24 Jun 20201.0Yes