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Tile Molester

Graphics Editors


Tile Molester is a multi-format, user-extensible graphics data editor that lets you create, view and edit graphics in arbitrary binary files, with a particular focus on binaries for game consoles.


User Review Information

Great utility with an extremely questionable name

Reviewed By: Venomrush1997 on 20 Apr 2020

It’s amazing how even back in 2003 this program could open nearly anything with the right set of programming skill. Even to this day it’s still unmatched by any other hacking software! Figuring out what codec combined with what mode can be a bit tricky at first, but one can easily get the hang of what goes with what.

However, there is one… glaring issue that has been around since the beginning of the project.

Why in the name of god would someone name their hacking utility “tile molester”, being a pun on “child molester”? How can you say “I use a program called tile molester to make my hacks” in a normal conversation? Was the name some kind of sick joke, or did the author not understand English very well and not know what that word meant?

Overall if the name of this tool was rebranded as something else, it’d be a lot more presentable.

Version 0.16 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Very helpful but could really use some changesMeta_X13 Jun 20200.16Yes
Great utility with an extremely questionable nameVenomrush199720 Apr 20200.16Yes
Useful tool for graphic editingTeeporage77730 Dec 20170.16Yes