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Breath of Fire Color Restoration

Hack of Breath of Fire


Replaces GBA palette with the original SNES palette.

Breath of Fire should be just about complete. There may be a situation later in the game that’ll load up the old bright blue text box palette, but I’m not sure.

TODO: Dunno what to do with the battle menu stuff and the portraits, perhaps I’ll just leave them for now.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Breath of Fire (USA).gba (no-intro)
  • crc: F06422A8
  • md5: 17A32CFA3D0A5C74F914281EF55C75CD
  • sha-1: B30533F68037B47D5439BAB0182169E4A643A38D




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User Review Information

Just what it says - don't play without this

Reviewed By: Bregalad on 09 Apr 2020

The colors of the GBA port of Breath of Fire were brightened up, in order to be more visible on the original GBA who lacked backlight on the screen.

If you play with a GBA-SP or NDS, or emulation, the brightened up colors aren’t necessary, and this patch just return the SNES colors. It looks much better in comparison !

The only complain I have is that they also “restored” the dialogue box background, as well as the menu, from the blue color of the GBA game to the blueish-dark gray of the SNES game. Since the dialogue box and menus on the GBA are completely different than on the SNES anyway, I found it was fine to have it in a new color, and they should have made it an option for it to be back to it’s SNES colour.

Version 0.9 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Just what it says - don't play without thisBregalad09 Apr 20200.9Yes
It's back!Chronosplit19 Jun 20161.0Yes
Amazing!vivify9317 Jun 20161.0Yes